NO REGRETS: Ex-IDF Soldier Elor Azaria Discusses His Killing of a Wounded Palestinian Terrorist


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Since he shot and killed a wounded Palestinian terrorist lying on the ground in Chevron in March 2016, the name Elor Azariya became known to all of Israel, as the nation followed his trial, conviction on charges of manslaughter, and his prison term. Now a free man, he spoke with Yisrael Hayom, released on Wednesday, 18 Elul.

Azariya states he has no remorse, and he would act the same way if he had to do it again.”I would act exactly the same, because that’s how I needed to act,” he said.

The 21-year-old former IDF soldier said he is at peace with himself. He added he was moved by the outpouring of love and support shown to him during his ordeal, which he stated was heartwarming.

Azaria says in the interview that the military “abandoned” him, echoing sentiments of many Israelis, particularly on the nationalist right, who defended his actions.

The full interview is scheduled to be released by the newspaper in the Friday edition.

Azaria served two-thirds of a 14-month reduced sentence after being convicted of manslaughter.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem / AP)


  1. Why is he so proud and happy of killing a wounded powerless terrorist?!
    1. Imagine if he did not kill that wounded terorist then police could get that terorist then police could find more terorist Palestine groups through the wounded man on the ground. This too happy
    too proud did a huge favor to
    the Palestine terrorists by
    killing the wounded. He brought so much compassion and pity from nations
    to the Palestine wounded and
    Palestine in general! And so much hatred from nations to us all, no matter where we live, in Israel holy Land or any where in the world, we suffer as one, because of actions of some too proud of
    themselves who do not think of
    their actions do to rest of us all.
    Palestine terorist groups should thank him, not us!!! Have you heard that “nobody kick a dead dog”!!! That is exactly what he did and he is too proud!!!
    And may I ask why good for him?!

  2. Shiva 13 .
    Nice point. But who said that he thought that terrorist was wounded and harmless. Where you there? He is happy and with peace with himself that he took the necessary actions to protect himself from a perceived danger. What’s wrong with that?

  3. Interesting how this soldier was pronounced guilty by Bibi and the Defense Minister before any legal proceedings took place, before even an investigation. Then at Elors trial the chief pathologist of Israel testified that the terrorist was dead before Elor shot it. At least the judge was P.C. in not defying the pre-verdict of BiBi and his Defense Minister. In All this Elor is strangely silent? Its no wonder then that people report seeing young soldiers leaving the scene of Jews being in difficulty via Bibi’s “peace partners”, why take the risk of being the next Elor? But not to worry, Bibi’s body is well protected by many and various sources, as are those of his family …..

  4. To Shiva13:
    Check your facts before you judge, see my comment of this date.. And as to goyim having sympathy for the poor downtrodden more than a Billion muslims, of course at our expense, this is as is the design of the system as the creator said of such creatures “thorns in your eyes” and “wild ass of a man, at the throats of all”. Like goes to like, don’t expect goyim at this time in history to be better than their root. According to our maker, our sustainer, in future He will modify them, change them, in a way de-fang them, but until then ….. Do wake up and smell the coffee …..

  5. The terrorist was “left for dead” but was seen to move!
    No ambulance was sent for him in order to save his life as he was “left for dead”