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Agadir Burger Opens A Mehadrin Kosher Branch In Bnei Brak & Removes Pork From Its Menu

The Agadir burger chain in Israel has opened its first kosher branch, a mehadrin kosher store, in Bnei Brak, Ynet reports. Not surprisingly the move has elicited some harsh reactions on social media, with fans of the treif stores fearing “The chareidi influence” has prompted the move, along with comments “They gave in to the chareidim”.

Some patrons used Facebook to tell the burger chain they will no longer support it in response to opening the Bnei Brak store – so much for tolerance and respect of others.

Eitan Trablus, one of the owners of Agadir, told Ynet that in the past year there has been a problem with pork because of an illness that infect animals, adding as a result, the price has risen significantly and there is a shortage in supply. He explains that they cannot have an item on the menu that is not available, and the decisions made are strictly economically motivated.

According to Trablus, there is no connection between removing pork from the menu and the opening of the kosher store. “Agadir is a non-kosher chain, which opens on Shabbos,” he says. “We will always be open on Shabbos, a significant part of our weekend operation.” However, he says, “It’s very exciting to see a traditional religious audience eating here – it’s an audience that has not been exposed to us – it’s really fun and really exciting.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Why is this any different then say :
    Kosher Kfc in israel.
    Kosher Nathan’s in other places. (Possibly closed by not, im not sure) but they were kosher when they were in brooklyn years ago.
    Im sure there are many others.

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