Sinai Tops the List of Terror Targets Against Jews This Holiday Season


The Counter Terrorism Division of the Defense Ministry publishes a list of countries that they recommend against visiting due to security threats for Jewish people in these countries. While there are no new warnings of terror plans, the locations which made the list year are still there, with the Sinai Peninsula, where throngs of Israelis go over the holidays being ranked the most likely of the spots to get hit. Other high-ranking countries on the list were Turkey, Egypt and Jordan.

According to the CTD, the month of Tishei is one in which many anti-Israeli groups are looking to carry out attacks against Jewish or Israeli targets abroad. This is due to the relatively high volume of Israelis traveling broad and the increasing reach of Iran and other terror organizations such as Hezbollah and the Islamic Jihad.

The CTD has asked that if Israelis do travel abroad to one of these locations, that they should maintain vigilance and heightened awareness especially on the holidays themselves and in Jewish public places such as the synagogue, Museums, hotels that cater to Jews and more.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)