VIDEOS/PHOTOS: Gafne: Rav Shach Taught Us We Make Machlokes When Necessary



With municipal elections about 20 days away, Degel Hatorah has opened its Jerusalem headquarters in an official launching, an event that was attended by MKs and local party officials.

In his comments, MK Uri Maklev explained, “We are not political novices, and all considerations were weighed, including the chareidi candidate. The tzibur is with Moshe Leon and we are running with him, and B’ezras Hashem, he will lead us to victory.

MK Moshe Gafne added, “We do not make machlokes, but we have to concern ourselves with the tzibur in Yerushalayim, not just a specific neighborhood. Those who voted for Nir Barkat should take this into account the responsibility that there are children with peyos without a solution.

“We don’t create machlokes, but we are not a party that runs from machlokes. Rav Shach taught us that when necessary, we make machlokes and after that, we work together”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The last thing we need in klal yisroel and in the political sphere of EY is “more machlokes”. A pox on all those who somehow believe that the path to achdus is machlokes and somehow we cannot find concensus through compromise on even the most contentious public policy issues.

  2. עפרא לפומיה!!!!

    Rav Shach never said such a thing!!
    Anyone that knows anything about Rav Shach knows that Rav Shach was the exact opposite of everything that had a remote connection to machlokes.

    Gafne is trying to justify Degel’s decision to run in Yerushalayim separately from Agudah, so he fabricated something from Rav Shach, thus denigrating his name by spreading something so removed from the truth.

    Is he not embarrassed to stand up there and just spew complete nonsense??

  3. Ayeshivishaguy,
    Vus dreystu a kop!!

    Rav Shach was the opposite of machloikois? How old are you? Obviously not old enough to remember. I learned there in the late 80’s.

    My friend, the machloikois was non stop.