Mispallalim Expected At The Tziyun Of Rav Yisrael Of Rizhin In The Ukraine


Preparations have been completed as many mispallalim are expected to visit the tziyun of Rav Yisrael of Rizhin ZT”L, located in Czernowitz-Sadigura, Ukraine, for the yahrzeit on Thursday, 3 Marcheshvan.

A medical delegation of United Hatzalah from Israel, with the assistance of Ichud Hatzalah personnel who are in the Ukraine year-round, will be standing by to respond to any medical emergency as thousands are expected to arrive on planes from Europe and the United States.

Hillel Cohen, Director of the United Hatzalah in the Ukraine said: “A local paramedic and response vehicle will be stationed next to the tziyun. In any medical emergency, one should call 063-800-1221, a local number in Ukraine and the closed volunteer will respond.”

Rav Yisrael of Ruzhin (1797-1850). Born to Reb Shalom, the Rebbe of Prohibisht (who was a son of Reb Avraham HaMalach, the son of the Maggid of Mezerich). He was engaged to the Rav of Berditchev at the age of seven; six years later, the chasuna took place. When Reb Yisrael turned sixteen his older brother, Reb Avraham (who had succeeded their father), was niftar, leaving no children. He was then succeeded by Reb Yisrael. When word reached the Rebbe that the Russian Czar intended to build a big church in the Old City of Yerushalayim, the Rebbe summoned Reb Nisan Bak who lived in Yerushalayim. Reb Nisan arrived there a few days ahead of the Russians and succeeded in buying the plot of land. The Czar was forced to buy a different plot of land, known today as the Russian Compound. The shul was known as the “Reb Nisan Bak Shul” and stood until 1948 when it was destroyed by the Arabs. Following the orders of the Czar, the Rebbe was locked up in the Kiev dungeons. The Rebbe spent 22 months locked in a small dark and damp cellar. A few days after the Rebbe was freed he fled Russia and settled in the town of Sadiger. The Rebbe’s derech was carried on through his six sons. The Rebbe’s oldest son, Reb Shalom Yosef, was niftar less than a year after his father and was succeeded by his son Reb Yitzchak, who became the first Bohusher Rebbe. The Ruzhiner’s second son, Reb Avraham Yaakov, took his father’s place in Sadiger. He had two sons, the eldest, Reb Yitzchak, was the first Boyaner Rebbe and the younger son, Reb Yisrael, was rebbe in Sadiger. The third son of the Ruzhiner was Reb Dov Ber who was rebbe in Lieov and the fourth son, Reb Menachem Nachum, was rebbe in Sthefanesht. The fifth son was Reb Dovid Moshe, the Chortkover Rebbe, and the sixth son was Reb Mordechai Shraga, the Husyatiner Rebbe. The Ruzhiner also had four daughters. The third daughter, Miriam, was married to Reb Menachem Mendel of Vishnitz, founder of the Vishnitzer dynasty.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: United Hatzalah)