Gerrer Chassidus Mobilizing To Boost Deutsch’s Yerushalayim Mayoral Campaign


The main Gerrer Beis Medrash in Yerushalayim, which is under construction, was decorated on Wednesday with huge billboards for the election of Yossi Deutsch as mayor of Jerusalem as well as Agudas Yisrael for city council.

On Thursday evening, a major election conference was scheduled in the beis medrash, headed by the Gerrer Rebbe Shlita, with thousands of chassidim participating. The event began at 8:30PM on the lower floor.

During the event, gabbai HaRav HaChossid R’ Mendel Binka announced the chassidus backs Deutsch’s bid to become mayor and Agudas Yisrael for city council.

Following the election kenos, chassidim are expected to begin campaigning to boost Deutsch’s chances to emerge the victor in the mayoral race.

In a related matter, the accompanying video shows Deutsch with officials of the Egged driver’s union in the capital, which has announced its support for his bid to become the city’s next mayor.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Video Credit: קבוצת רוטרניק)