ANOTHER MEASLES INCIDENT: Israel Health Ministry Alert For Passengers On Board Turkish Airlines Flight


Israel’s Ministry of Health has issued another alert, this time for passengers on Turkish Airlines flight 788 on Thursday, 2 Marcheshvan from Turkey to Israel after learning a passenger on board had the measles.

Tel Aviv district officials of the ministry announce that anyone with any signs and symptoms of the illness, including fever and rash, should immediately contact his/her physician.

Passengers who were on the flight whom are included in the ‘high risk’ category should contact their doctor even if they do not show the signs and symptoms. This includes infants under one-year, pregnant women and persons who were not vaccinated or are being treated for an immune system illness.

Another recent ministry alert was for 500-1,000 people who attended a Bnei Brak chasenah as the illness which was all but eradicated seems to be making a comeback.

Health officials feel that the growing number of parents who do not vaccinate their children is undoubtedly a major contributory cause to the return of the illness.

Earlier on Wednesday, YWN published a story about a measles outbreak in New York, where 6 residents of Williamsburg, and seven residents of Rockland County were confirmed to have the disease. An additional eight suspected cases in Rockland County were being investigated involving a mix of adults and children.

Two weeks ago, YWN reported about the Menahel of Breslov Mosdos in Tzefas having been infected with the measles. He was listed in critical condition at the time of the news story.

There have been dozens of stories published by YWN in the past few months of measles alerts issued by authorities involving Frum people who have not been vaccinated.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)