Waze Carpool Working With Jerusalem City Hall Officials To Ease Traffic Congestion


In the coming two months, there will be cooperation between the Jerusalem Municipality and the Waze app towards permitting free travel throughout the capital as well as to and from the capital. The surprising initiative is designed to provide a creative, environmental and accessible solution to alleviate traffic congestion. How will it work?

The Waze navigation application works in collaboration with the Jerusalem Municipality in order to offer a creative, ecological and accessible solution to the problem of traffic jams. Within the framework of this solution and in order to encourage the cooperative journey in the city, starting last Thursday, 16 Marcheshvan, and for two months, all those wishing to travel to and from Jerusalem or within Jerusalem, will be able to do so free of charge through the Waze Carpool service. Passengers working in the Har Chotzvim Hi-Tech Park will enjoy an increased benefit for 3 months. In addition, new members of the service will be able to enjoy the first free trip, anywhere in Israel.

Using an accessible interface that works seamlessly with the Waze navigation system, passengers using the service will be able to enjoy free travel, with drivers being paid for the ride directly from Waze. Using a smart algorithm, Waze’s Carpool service allows you to connect mobile devices traveling in the same direction in a convenient, efficient and fast way.

Amatzia Bloch, Director of Innovation at the Jerusalem Municipality: “Imagine a city with no traffic jams and no need to find a parking space.” The cooperation of the Jerusalem Municipality with Waze in the operation of ‘Carpool’ services will enable the Jerusalem population to enjoy its many advantages: Saving travel expenses, saving time for parking, etc. In addition, a joint trip helps with other environmental issues such as reducing air pollution in the city and greenhouse gas emissions, and reduces the need for large parking areas, and we are happy to cooperate with Waze, which will add to the quality of life of the residents of Jerusalem and its visitors.”

Waze’s Carpool service was launched two years ago in Israel and is active throughout the country. The community of drivers and passengers in Carpool is constantly growing, along with the expansion of service to other countries around the world, including the United States, Brazil and more.

Noam Reshef, Director of Partnerships at Waze Israel: “Waze Carpool was created to make traffic jams a thing of the past. We cooperate with many cities and authorities in Israel and around the world in order to benefit all the passengers on the road, and provide an alternative transportation channel, communal, and shared by all users and residents. We are happy that Jerusalem also joins the national trend and we are confident that together we will be able to fight the traffic congestion in Jerusalem and in general.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This is how uber started. They were a ridesharing service the reason they aren’t popular inn Jerusalem is because they are regulated just like taxis. If this initiative won’t be regulated like taxis then it has a chance, however there will be complaints and probably even lawsuits about the unfair advantage given to waze. And possibly even an investigation into whether there was a party to play scheme here

  2. How do we vet drivers and passengers for safety purposes, and can passengers somehow opt to take carpool pickups that avoid stops in unsavory neighborhoods? Who’s volunteering 1st?
    These issues would likely be big deterrents to this taking off.