TROUBLE CONTINUES: Senior El Al Official Suspected of Running Drug Smuggling Ring, Using El Al Planes


El Al is in the news again, this time not connected to the “Shabbos Flight”, but surrounding the arrest of a senior security official of the company, over his alleged ties to a drug smuggling ring.

The main suspect was identified as Rami Yogev a high-ranking El Al employee who oversees coordination between the airline and the Shin Bet security service, and is also in charge of the airline’s security abroad. Three other suspects were also taken into custody.

Police believe Yogev used his top security clearance and access to El Al planes to facilitate the cocaine shipments.

One of the other suspects was identified as Beno Shalom, an ex-Shin Bet official who previously served as head of security for the Prime Minister’s Office. Police did not detail the extent of his role in the smuggling operation.

The suspects were arrested Monday after drugs were discovered in the hand luggage of one of the suspects, who had just arrived on a flight from Johannesburg.

The suspects were arraigned on Monday in the Rishon L’Tzion Magistrate’s Court, and all are to remain in custody. A gag order was placed on further details surrounding the case.

This comes at a time when the airline has been under fire in connection with the Shabbos flight, which led to threats of a chareidi boycott. Now, the airline must address this possible major compromise to the company’s security in connection with cocaine smuggling to Israel.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. A56. I think we should still support and use El Al. yes they made mistakes. big mistakes. but don’t other air lines also make big mistakes? some we know and some we don’t even know.

  2. I don’t travel so much, however, from what I hear, El Al is usually more expensive. There is no need for their extra security measures because traveling by plane considered safe. Things happen to people just walking down the street or driving in their cars. We don’t need to make more than the regular hishtadlus. The biggest protection is shemiras Shabbos. From what I understand El Al is Jewish company that doesn’t keep Shabbos even if they don’t normally fly passengers on Shabbos. Why should we support mechalelei Shabbos?

  3. Where did this new mitzvah to support elal come from? Do we also need to use only Hawaii soap cuz it’s from Israel? I think ‘knaidlach’ should drink from now on only ‘jump’ cuz it’s Israeli!
    Let everyone do what’s more comfortable for them.

  4. A56…..Mazel Tov!! You clearly win the monthly award for the least informed and dumbest CR Posting.

    “There is NO NEED for El Al’s extra security measures because traveling by plane is considered safe. Things happen to people just walking down the street or driving in their cars…..”

    Please continue providing such comical and entertaining diversions from the serious news of the day