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U.S. Ambassador David Friedman Meets With The Belzer Rebbe [PHOTOS]

U.S. Ambassador to Israel, David M. Friedman visited the Belzer Rebbe on Tuesday.

Friedman met the Rebbe at his home in Jerusalem, adjacent to the magnificent Belzer Bais Hamedrash.

The Ambassador was given a tour of the building by MK Rabbi Yisroel Eichler, who introduced him to the Rebbe.

The Rebbe spoke to the Ambassador for some time, including about the many Belzer communities located around the United States.

Friedman reportedly told the Rebbe “עד עכשיו היו למדינת ישראל שבע שנות רעב בשלטון הקודם, ועכשיו מדינת ישראל נמצאת בשבע שנות השובע” [“Until now, the State of Israel has had seven years of famine in the previous (Obama) regime, and now the State of Israel is in the seven years of fullness.”]

The Rebbe gave Ambassador Friedman a Bracha and a bottle of oil for Chanukah.

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