Bennett Blasts Netanyahu For Effort to Smear His Wife With TREIF FOOD Story


Education Minister and Bayit Yehudi party chairman Naftali Bennett has demanded that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu apologize for slandering his wife, Gilat Bennett through the Walla news website. The report of the slander was exposed on Wednesday by Channel 2 News.

The story came as part of a published account of Eurocom and Bezeq owner Shaul Elovitch, a suspect in the latest Netanyahu corruption case known as “Case 4000”.

Elovitch, whose company Bezeq owns Walla News, spoke of the unusual requests that Netanyahu had asked of him over the years including publishing a story about Gilat Bennett stating that she had worked in a non-kosher restaurant in the past.

According to sources close to Elovitch, the business mogul supposedly only helped the Prime Minister in situations where he felt the Prime Minister was right, and not in stories that were in a moral grey-zone. “Elovitch helped Bibi only when he thought he was right. For example, one day Netanyahu asked him to publish an article that Gilat, Naftali Bennett’s wife, was a chef in non-kosher restaurants. They did not agree to publish such a thing.”

Upon hearing of the attempts to slander his wife, Bennett took to Twitter and wrote: “I feel sorry for you Mr. Netanyahu. You took the trouble to personally call the owner of Walla to hurt my wife. This was a vile and cowardly act. Shame on you. I married Gilat, a wonderful woman, an Israeli from a secular and principled family, and together we built a wonderful religious Zionist home. My family is the pride of my life.

“Do not apologize to me, I’m not interested, apologize to my wife.”

Sources in the Likud party responded to the comments made by Bennett and said: “There is no limit to Bennett’s hypocrisy, it is he who should apologize. Many journalists know that from the moment he left Netanyahu’s office, Bennett did not stop briefing against Sara Netanyahu and slandering her at every opportunity. He who has butter on his head should stay out of the sun.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)