15 & 16-Year-Old Members of ‘Burqa’ Community Secretly Married in Netanya


According to reports quoting persons in the ‘Burqa’ community, youths married last Thursday are married in accordance with Halacha despite the fact police interrupted the event. This refers to the wedding involving a 13-year-old bride, which was held on Shmuel HaNavi Street in Yerushalayim.

Police detained the Kallah, her mother and friends who attended the event. They were released on erev Shabbos with the exception of the bride’s mom, who was released by police on Sunday. The report adds the ‘Mesader Kiddushin’ was an elderly member of the ‘Burqa’ community who resides in Beit Shemesh. One of the women who attended the Jerusalem wedding is quoted telling Kikar Shabbos that despite the police intervention, there can be no doubt the young couple was indeed married in accordance with Halacha.

Kikar Shabbos News adds that now, it appears that another illegal Chasunah took place, this time in an apartment in Netanya. In this case, the chosson is 15 and his bride 16. They decided to get married in the north despite being Jerusalem residents, fearing police would once again raid the wedding, so they moved to Netanya, to a nondescript apartment that remaied secret to all except those involved.

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Repost @natgeo: . 📸 @michaelchristopherbrown | As I walked through the neighborhood of Mea She'arim, one of the oldest Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem, I photographed these members of the Haredi burqa sect, a controversial religious group within Haredi Judaism. Similar to the Haredi group Lev Tahor, Haredi burqa members, concentrated in Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem, believe that modesty requires a burqa-style covering of a woman's entire body, including a veil over the face. I was previously unaware of this sect, and in the moment initially thought perhaps I was photographing a Muslim woman holding hands with a Jewish boy. As I researched this picture, I was intrigued by comments of some of my Instagram followers, one of whom wrote: "I think the interesting thing about the image is all the questions it raises as much as any answers it may hold." #jerusalem #Israel #jews #jewish #judaism #women #burqa #religion #religious #modesty

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  1. While I in no way endorse this behavior, I always find it amusing how the secular authorities react. If a secular boy and girl would do this without chuppa v’kiddushin, would they arrest them also?

  2. as frumkeit grows in size , we seem to see more and more nut cases invading what was once “erlicht” people.

    yes I remember what frumkeit was over 50 years ago when the frum community was small and lived with difficulty; contrast to today’s kooks.


    they worship the externals in religion, the dress, the customs and not the internal: the love and fear of G-d.

  3. Shita hakdosha, so you have no problem with a 13 year old girl getting married? Or a 15 year old boy to a 16 year old girl?

    You must be as sick as them.

  4. Uncle Ben,

    Certainly if a secular girl of 13 was being forced by her parents to move into a new home with a young boy and cook and clean and literally be his wife with all that entails, the secular authorities would be just as concerned. You seem to think this was meant as some kind of game. It wasn’t. It was taken as a serious and sincere marriage.

  5. My great-grandmother was already married with a child at 16. What’s the problem – other than the fact that the Israeli government has passed a law requiring a young person who wants to have relations must only do so without marriage?

  6. For boys and girls living together as man and wife; no one has a problem, but if it’s done with chuppah and kiddushin everyone is up in arms. Hypocrisy!

  7. Levs and bais hillel, of course it’s a problem if boys and girls live together. Societies that bring up kids that live together are totally abusive. But this does not take away from the fact that marrying off kids at this age are totally abusive too.

    While they are still kids and developing in their teens, they are having babies and worrying about parnassah.

    What was years ago is totally not relevant. First of all, there were reasons why they HAD to marry young. People used to die in their late 30s, early 40s. There were plenty of other reasons why they married young. It just doesn’t pertain to us. When you’ll live how they lived 200 years ago, we’ll discuss marrying in early teens.

    As of today, girls and boys should be at least 18, preferably 19 for a boy, when they start shidduchim. (I personally think starting shidduchim at 21 and older for boys is ridiculous.)

  8. rabbiofberlin, our ancestors did a lot of things we don’t do today. Maybe you need to go back in time, perhaps settle in the mountains of Afghanistan, and you can adopt the lifestyle of 4,000 years ago. In certain regions they get their daughters engaged at 3-4 years of age and marry them off at 12-13. I think those regions would suite you well, especially since you can have as many wives as you wish.