TERROR CONTINUES: Two IDF Soldiers From Nachal Chareidi Killed Near Givat Assaf

Yossi Cohen HY"D on the left

Two Israelis were killed and another two injured – one critically – in a Palestinian terror attack Thursday morning, just one mile from the Ofra attack earlier this week.

According to the latest information available, shots rang out from a vehicle at Givat Assaf Junction in the Binyamin Regional Council area of Shomron at about 11:15AM this morning, Thursday, 5 Teves. The gunfire was directed at Israelis standing at a hitchhiking post at the location, which is about two kilometers (1.2 miles) south of Yishuv Ofra, on Route 60, the main north/south road in Shomron.

After stopping the blue Mitsubishi, a terrorist got out and began firing at soldiers and civilians at the hitchhiking station. He then got back into the vehicle and fled the scene. A manhunt for the terrorist is underway at this time. The area remains shut down. It appears the terrorist abandoned the blue sedan near Ein Tut and entered Ramallah on foot. The IDF has sealed off Ramallah and no one is permitted to enter or leave as they are working to locate the terrorist responsible for this latest fatal attack.

The “blue Mitsubishi” used in the attack

Two IDF Soldiers were pronounced dead on the scene following life-saving efforts. They were in traumatic arrest as a result of their massive injuries.

The soldiers have been identified as:

Yossi Cohen HY”D from Beit Shemesh. He previously lived in Bnei Brak. His father was Niftar around 5 years ago, and was the dentist of Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky.

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Yossi Cohen HY”D

Yuval Mor Yosef HY”D of Ashkelon.

Yuval Mor Yosef HY”D

Two other victims, a male and female, were rushed to the trauma units of Shaare Zedek and Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospitals in Jerusalem. MDA reports that the male is in Hadassah, in critical condition, and the female in Shaare Zedek Hospital, in serious condition.

Hadassah reports the victim is a 21-year-old male with a gunshot wound to his head, stating he is in critical/life threatening condition.

It was later reported that security forces made an arrest of a Palestinian suspect believed responsible for the attack. He appears to be dressed in an IDF uniform. No additional information is available at this time.

Hamas has praised the attack, and the lack of condemnation of the attack from PA Chairman Abu Mazen is the norm, as his administration provides financial support for wounded terrorists and the families of slain terrorists.

Security officials are already speaking of a possible new wave of terror, as the area of the latest attack has been shut down and another manhunt underway for the terrorists.

According to a KAN11 News report, the Fatah terrorist organization is praising this latest attack, which avenges the killing of the terrorists on Wednesday by the IDF, those who were responsible for the Ofra and Barkan attack. Fatah is affiliated with PA Chairman Abu Mazen.

Tehillim names for terror victims in the Givat Assaf attack are:
שירה בת מיכל סבג
נתנאל בן יהודית

Yishuv Ofra is the scene of the shooting attack on Sunday night, in which a 21-year-old pregnant woman was critically wounded by gunfire. Doctors were forced to deliver the fetus in the 30th week of pregnancy as they fought to save the young mom’s life.

Unfortunately, the baby boy was niftar on Wednesday but B’chasdei Hashem, the mother, Shira Ish-Ran is recovering, as is her husband Amichai, who is in light condition from his gunshot wounds.

Tehillim names for terror victims from the Ofra attack (the young couple) are:
שירה יעל בת ליאורה שרה
עמיחי ישי בן פיגה גיטל גלילה 

Just yesterday, YWN reported that the terrorist responsible for the Barkan attack in which two Israelis were killed was eliminated by security forces. That attack took place in October 2018, once again, in the Barkan Industrial Park near Ariel, in Shomron.

In addition, one terrorist was killed and others captured on Wednesday, in connection with the shooting attack at the entrance to Ofra on Sunday night.

Two border policepersons were wounded this morning in yet another terrorist attack, near Shar Shechem in Jerusalem’s Old City, when a lone terrorist came at them with a butcher knife. They shot and killed him at the location.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. A result no doubt of Israeli snipers shooting protesters in Gaza. Israel provoked the nations once again. And Jews get killed. The answer is not always more force and unnecessary force.

  2. TryingToStayCalm, if the answer is not more force then what is it? Is it trying to deal with the United Nations? Is it following Peleg and protesting in the streets and burning garbage cans with fire? Is it giving more land away? What is it already?