VIDEO: Nachal Chareidi Commander Who Interfered With Police Arrest Of A Settler Sent To Prison



A Nachal Chareidi commander was sent to 18 days in prison for interfering with border police who were arrested a settler. The soldier tried to have him released. This refers to an incident near Beit El, which resulted in the soldier being placed in custody by border police.

Some fifty settlers held an unauthorized protest near Beit El following a terror attack, and border police instructed them to disperse. Police reported some of the protestors threw stones at Arab homes. Three arrests were made. After the arrests were made, the soldier tried to release them, according to the police report. This resulted in a confrontation between the Nachal Chareidi soldiers and border police.

The soldier in question was detained, later turned over to his commander. Another soldier involved was suspended from his duties pending the outcome of the probe.

Military police have also launched an investigation.

In the accompanying video, we see 150 new Nachal Chareidi soldiers sworn-in at the Kosel.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)