How Does The Haifa Mayor Appoint An Arab Councilman Who Supports Hamas To A Security Committee?


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While Haifa Councilman Raja Za’atara was not appointed deputy mayor due to his outspoken support of Hamas and terror organizations, he was appointed to the city’s Security Committee, and he is therefore privy to security information on the municipal level.

The public outcry against the Za’atara, who also expressed his support for Hezbollah, ISIS and other enemies of Israel, compelled Mayor Einat Kalish-Rotem to reconsider the appointment but ultimately, Za’atara announced he was not accepting the deputy mayoral slot but would not apologize for his statements of the past.

According to the Yisrael Hayom report on Thursday, January 10, 2019, Za’atara will be briefed on matters of city preparedness in the event of emergency, security status and other sensitive information that could result in significant harm if passed to the wrong persons. However, it appears that since appointment to this municipal committee does not involve obtaining security clearance, Za’atara is permitted to serve as he does.

Za’atara responded saying, “I am not bribed with cigars, champagne and jewelry, or deal in submarines and I have not extorted news media outlets.” He invites anyone who thinks his serving on the committee is illegal or problematic to speak with Attorney General Mandelblit. He insists he is a loyal councilman and his concerns are for the Jewish and Arab residents of the city alike.

Mayor Kalish-Rotem preferred not to respond.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The real question is how the voters of Haifa could elect a major who would appoint such an obvious traitor and why the Hareidi parties gave passive support to the appointment. Haifa is a prime target for a massive Hezbollah missile attack. They have even openly called for the destruction of the city. Are the residents of Haifa totally clueless as to what is happening right in front of them? How many missiles will it take before they realize that they are part of Israel and not in their own private world?

  2. Between Arabs like him and “professors”, Jewish and Israeli alike, giving anti-Israel lectures full of lies and libels, is it any wonder the anit-Israeli movements like BDS is alive and well? Is it any wonder that there are so many self-hating, liberal Israelis who are rooting for the Arab enemy?

    It is the Israeli goverment who funds these traitirs and they should be ashamed that they neglect to fire these people from their posts when the the goverment invests so much money and manpower to fight these people in the global arena, but locally they are given free reign to spout their venom.

  3. The haredi parties gave full active support to Kalish-Rotem in her campaign to become Mayor. They knew who she was. What principles do the Haredim of Haifa have other than looking out for a few million more shekels for their corrupt institutions?