PHOTOS: Israel Electric Preparing For Predicted Snow Storm


The Israel Electric Corporation is preparing for the stormy weather. Ofer Bloch, CEO of the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), discussed preparations for all of the company’s divisions.

A state of alert was declared in the customer service division, the ‘103’ service number: The work teams in the field were reinforced and prepared to handle any reported damage and disturbance in the electricity supply. The 103 service centers were reinforced to provide a comprehensive response on the Facebook page as well.

IEC stand ready to transport generators, lifting platforms and cranes according to need, and continue line scans and pruning work amid predicted storm reports. The company adds that there is no such thing as “zero outages”, and with stormy weather, high winds, thundershowers and snow predicted for areas, there will be outages as this is a reality of the winter. IEC points out this is the case in the North, as well as in the Jerusalem district.

While temperatures are not predicted to go below freezing on Wednesday night, they are still reporting that snow, albeit without significant accumulations, may reach the capital. One is reminded that even a dusting of snow can cause havoc on the roadways of the capital, so it is significant.

IEC adds, ” The work teams in the field are prepared and equipped to handle any damage, disturbance and damage. We are loaded and ready to transport heavy tools, including lifting platforms and cranes while line scans and pruning work continue, and 103 service centers will operate in an enhanced format and will deal with damages and disturbances exclusively, not routine customer service issues.

The electricity company asks the public to be alert and immediately report torn electrical wires or other damage to the electricity grid. The IEC is working to repair damage and restore regular supplies as quickly as possible. However, it is important to note that sometimes due to the nature of the damage to the network, the duration of the repairs may take several hours. In the event of damage to the electricity transmission network, tearing of wires or any other hazard, the public may contact the company through the Electric Company’s app, Facebook page, the company’s website, the 103 service centers and the message service message to 055-700-0103.

The Company reiterates its call to the public to maintain safety rules:
• Do not touch the torn electric wires due to the risk of electric shock – and report it immediately to the Service Center 103 or the Israel Police Headquarters 100, or through the smartphone app of the electric company or on the IEC Facebook page.

• The public is asked to remove objects that may fly in the wake of strong gusts of wind from the roofs or balconies as they may result in damage oto electric lines or injuries to others.

• If you notice trees or columns that are unstable and may fall, or branches that may touch electric wires, notify the municipal service center or the 103 service centers of the Israel Electric Corporation immediately.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)