Police Impound Truck, Arrest Driver for Reckless Driving Near Hebron


Traffic Police in Judea and Samaria pulled a truck off the road in the Hevron area on Tuesday after the driver of the truck, which was carrying a payload of wooden slats, was seen to have two teenagers on top of the payload in a life-threatening position.

The teenagers, aged 13 and 15 were sitting atop wooden slats that were piled high onto the backend of the truck. The teens were holding the slats from sliding off the back of the truck and landing on other cars or the roadway. The incident took place on Highway 356.

Police pulled the vehicle over and discovered, that the driver had never taken out a license. Police immediately removed the vehicle from the road. The truck has since been impounded and the driver, a 33-year-old Palestinian from Yatta, was given a hearing on the spot.

A police spokesperson said: “Israeli police are always hard at work identifying reckless drivers who endanger others because of their driving. These drivers endanger all others who use the road and completely ignore repeated police instruction. Police will continue to work hard to catch those who break traffic laws and remove them from the road and make sure that they see their day in court.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)