New Shidduch Initiative for Israel’s Litvish Community – Massive Computer Database


A new shidduch initiative has begun in Israel that is aimed at catering towards the Litvish community. The new initiative will see all the names of Bnei Yeshiva and girls who attend Litvish seminaries put into an online database that will be coded so that only recognized Shadchanim will have access.

The initiative was started more than a year ago by the Rosh Yeshiva of Yad Aharon, HaRav Yehoshua Eichenstein, and recently received recognition by the Rosh Yeshiva of Slobodka HaRav Moshe Hillel Hirsch at a recent conference.

At the conference it was decided that the community should invest in a specialized computer database, that will be built by using the advice of HaRav Haim Shmerler who founded a similar Chassidish Shidduch organization.

The new initiative will not simply stop at a computerized database, but it will go so far as to appoint a representative in each of the Litvish Yeshivos and seminaries throughout Israel.

Only Shadchanim recognized by Rav Eichenstein and Rav Hirsch will have access to the database or to the on-site representatives.

After achieving the green light at the conference Rav Eichenstein said: “Hundreds of excellent women are sitting at home and praying, begging to find a spouse and build a home in Klal Yisroel. On the other side, we have hundreds of excellent yeshiva bochrim, in a bit smaller number, who are also hoping to find their match. As time passes, the distance from the Yeshivos and Seminaries does not have the effect it used to have, therefore, these young people become damaged and suffer great pain. In no lesser degree, the parents of these young people, who hope to bring their children to the Chuppah in happiness are also distraught.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I wonder how a database will address the discrepancy of numbers…

    By the chassidim it has been documented that there are more newly “dating” boys entering shidduchim each year than newly “dating” girls… appox 5% more new boys each year than girls… and by iivshe there are many more newly dating girls entering shidduchim each year than newly dating boys entering….

    The article even alludes to the numbers discrepancy

    “On the other side, we have hundreds of excellent yeshiva bochrim, in a bit smaller number, who are also hoping to find their match…….”… It would be very helpful to know

    a. what approx the discrepancy is….. i suspect it is far more than “a it smaller number”….

    b. why it is so…..

    c. how exactly is a database going to address this issue….

    Furthermore…. for the individual single who is struggling and not getting any shidduch attention (“yesses”), how is a massaive database going to help ensure that there will be people who will do their utomost and search and search and hunt… and work to try and find an appropriate shidduchim idea for the singles whom for whatever reason up until ow hasn’t been getting yesses…

  2. Excellent idea and it should be done in the USA too. All names and perhaps some very basic info of boys and girls in the regular yeshivas and beis yaakovs and girls schools are entered in twelve grade and each time a wedding takes place – their names are removed. This makes it easier to find those left and to help shadchanim make matches that would otherwise never be thought of and also to know who is left even if they are not well connected. I have been thinking of this for a while and would love to get involved if there is interest. Of course this will not solve the fact that there are different numbers of boys and girls entering the parsha and the only thing that can solve that is to have them marry at the same age or very close. But it will still be a great tool and if nothing else will actually be able to quantify the discrepancy between boys and girls and prove the point with real data rather than speculation.

  3. Great idea as long as it can be done in a way that assures the absolute confidentiality and security of personal data. Its really not that different from an intermediated form social media dating site (JDate et. al.) where millions of singles in both the frum and secular worlds have been voluntarily posting data for nearly two decades. The design of the data base, the security technology employed and most importantly, the screening of potential shadchanim who are given access will be critical.

  4. Chasidim have a tough time with the boys, because every year there are more boys born than girls. Since they bothe start at age 18.
    Yeshivish have a problem with the girls, because the American boys start Shidduchim at age 23, and the girls start Shidduchim at age 19. The 4 year Age-Gap causes the problem with the girls.
    If the Data Base can code the Long Payes boys, that would adjust to the long shaitel girls, the data base may help.
    Hatzlacha Raba

  5. Our love-hate dependency-rejection relationship with modern tech borders on the schizophrenic. I sure hope the database is being built and secured by a team whose tech expertise bears no negative imprint resulting from said equivocation. The idea of a “big-brother” centralized hyper-specific data map of the Jewish community, even a fraction thereof, should trigger nightmares in the collective conscious of a people still far from fully recovered from the Holocaust and actively continuously besieged by numerous other existential threats.

    All this and I’ve not even come near the topic of catastrophic unintended consequences that are all too likely to occur even without any breeches, just from as-intended use of the immense power wielded by those who will use and run this tool.

    I hope and pray 5779 doesn’t become the Jewish 1984 or “brave new world”.

  6. p\Perhaps they should address (especially in Israel) all the amazing young girls who come from families with no money, who don’t have a prayer of getting a good learning boy because of money.

  7. Only Shadchanim recognized by Rav Eichenstein and Rav Hirsch will have access to the database or to the on-site representatives.
    Sure thing, tell me more!
    I bet even (Rav litzman) himself knows this cant be true.
    The biggest banks have been breached,so tell us how your going to prevent a breach and or prevent back door entry.