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Jerusalem Planning Committee Approved 4,416 Housing Units

On Monday night, the Jerusalem Planning Committee, headed by Deputy Mayor Eliezer Ruchberger, approved 4,416 housing units to be built in the capital. Mayor Moshe Leon, who championed the task of returning young people to the city of Jerusalem, decided to promote a large number of housing construction projects for the city’s residents, especially for young couples.

In addition to the over 4,400 units approved, the mayor is expected to develop tens of thousands of square meters of commercial space in the Atarot Industrial Park in the northern capital, over the next few years, with the aim of populating as many offices as possible and creating employment opportunities.

The following is a list of the apartments as approved by the local committee:

Urban renewal of a residential complex at the northeastern entrance of the Gilo neighborhood.

Patt: 133 units
The evacuation and then construction of Beryl Locker Street. The existing building at 13 Beryl Locket and the establishment of a new complex from the existing 24 units to the new 133 units.

Kiryat Yovel – 480 units
The evacuation of 138 units at Hantke Street and the establishment of four residential buildings.

Kiryat Menachem – 375 units
The establishment of a neighborhood including 375 housing units and accompanying commercial center on Columbia Street as well as the expansion of public buildings and open areas.

• A new residential building with 24 apartments
• Building two new buildings along the light rail route with a total of 31 units
• A 21-unit residential building with a floor for commercial space

Beit Haninah
Construction three buildings, nine stories each, with a total of 56 apartments

Emek HaYovel
Evacuation of the existing buildings and construction of 215 new apartments

The project of the Young Zionist Farm has been approved together with the Finance Ministry, with 70% of the 316 apartments to be sold in the framework of the ‘affordable housing’ program.

Arnona Slopes
Approximately 2,300 housing units on the lower municipal tax rate, 400 of which will be sold as part of the ‘affordable housing’ program.

Trade and Employment:
• Entrance to the city: The northern vehicle complex in the entrance to the city. 2,750 square meters for employment and 1,500 square meters for commerce.
• Atarot: Construction of a commercial and employment complex. 3 buildings of 8 floors above ground – ground floor for commercial use, gas station, 7 upper floors for employment use (offices) and 3 parking floors.

Total: 2,518 square meters for commerce and 20,826 for employment.

The computer-generated simulations attached are of the commercial areas of Atarot and Gilo.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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