Photos: Meah Shearim Drowning in a Sea of Trash


YW-Mean Shearim Garbage-0014.jpg(Click HERE for photos) It would appear that the folks in Jerusalem City Hall have other things to do rather than deal with trash collection in Meah Shearim. The neighborhood is drowning in trash, uncollected refuse that has collected over Shabbos and Yomtov, now fermenting in the streets as temperatures remain unseasonably high, with warnings for a severe sharav heat-wave towards the middle and end of the week.

Residents are storming over the fact the city did not make good on promises to remove trash on erev Yomtov, and activists have begun publicizing the phone number (057-776-9354) of Mr. Munul Katz from City Hall, the man responsible for the trash collection in the chareidi section of the city.

When questioned as to why the trash was not collected, Katz stated residents are correct – offering his honest but perhaps inadequate explanation, “There is just too much trash to collect and not enough time”.

Katz rejects allegations that trash was not picked up before Shabbos, explaining what is visible on the streets accumulated after Shabbos, not before. He also denies the neighborhood is being ignored because it is chareidi, and also promises that the trash will indeed be picked up during Chol Hamoed.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. to#3 neveAliza..we have been to MS many times and was neat as any other neighborhood…prooves our point we mentioned some other article…neve aliza is among 1/2 doz. posters who by the tone of language are “gedolei sina s’sonim am haretz l’talmud chachim yoser m’sianas akum l’yisroel”

  2. to #5 mr. illini07…there you go again, so all we mentioned in other articles is being mechazek by you again..also on your next comment regarding this post can you also refute what is said about MS being just as clean or messy as any other average place unlike post #3 but as in post #4,so if you engage in ad hominem which doesnt require alot of intelligence at least refute argument.. were you in MS?, is it always a dump…?but as we mentioned in other posts nevealiza bothers something else its call “tachas asher …”there is underlying factor and that is “gedolah….yoser mi …akim es yisroel…

  3. to #7 neve aliza… zol zein azoi..but still what is the underlying factor that you had to mention “looks” like a dump, so see #6 last 2 lines, otherwise dont see reason you had to throw this statement in… gut yom tov anyway b’ahavs yisroel. hey out there,we’re not saying this out of hate, but when one throws in such comment there are grounds for chassah…. (hey out there mr sinisent is my grammer ok?)