IDF Preparing for Increased Spillover from Fighting in Syria [UPDATED 10:30 IL]


syria.gifIsrael has moved IDF forces to protected areas as rebel forces during the predawn hours on Thursday, 28 Sivan 5773, took over the areas of the Quneitra Crossing. Walla News quotes “a senior defense establishment official” saying that as a result, the IDF expects a harsh Syrian army retaliatory move in that area.

IDF soldiers are assisting farmers and other civilians in the area to make it to the border. Officials expect there may be an increase in spillover from the fighting as a result of the Syrian military retaliation, stressing the zero tolerance policy concerning fire into northern Israel remains unchanged.

Golan Heights Regional Council officials add that following consultations with IDF commanders, the decision was made to close Route 98 from Alonei Bashan to Ein Zivan.

IDF officials add that two Syrian civilians were transported to Ziv Hospital in Tzfas this morning. They were immediately taken for emergency surgery for their serious gunshot wounds to the abdominal and thoracic areas.

Kibbutz Ein Zivan has been closed to visitors by the IDF. The IDF instructed farmers not to work their fields on Thursday morning. Israel Radio adds that a UN soldier was wounded by gunfire along the border as heavy fighting continues.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)