Shas Chairman Deri: Pindrus Got Into Knesset On A Sephardi Seat


At a post-election rally in Maale HaChamisha, Shas Chairman Aryeh Deri spoke, using the opportunity to proclaim the party’s success in the election, now with eight seats. As he has done in the past, he exclaimed the pollsters haven’t a clue regarding voting reality at the polls on Election Day.

“I was certain the results would be strong like in the municipal elections, while the polls said otherwise” Deri stated.

He added, “We have to say the truth. Pindrus was not chosen in Elad because his litvish friends did not back him, but Pindrus at the end will enter Knesset on our votes, the sephardim. I will not conduct coalition negotiations via the media. I appointed a negotiating team without sending messages or threats via the media” he added.

Pindrus was unable to run for mayor in Elad after the High Court of Justice disqualified his candidacy, with the court accepting a petition challenging the legitimacy of his changing his address from Jerusalem to Elad.

After the Central Election Committee conducted a recount, Yahadut Hatorah went from seven to eight seats, bringing Pindrus into Knesset. Deri was referring to Yahadut Hatorah campaigning in sephardi areas, accusing the ashkenazi chareidi party of stealing sephardi, Shas, votes.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. UTJ’s 8th seat came from Yishai, who after breaking off from Shas directed his voters to UTJ.

    In the last election Yishai wasted two MK seats.