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Vehicle Found from the Jerusalem Hit and Run – Victim Remains in Critical Condition

On Sunday night, YWN-Israel reported that an 11-year-old child was struck and seriously injured in a hit and run on Golda Meir Blvd. in Jerusalem.

Police investigators have since reported locating the vehicle in Givat Ze’ev and they are now in the process of finding the driver of the vehicle responsible for seriously injuring the child.

The spokesperson for Shaare Zedek Hospital on Monday morning, April 22, 2019, reports that the child remains in critical condition, and he remains medically sedated and intubated, in an intensive care unit.

Please say Tehillim for Chaim Binyomin ben Shoshana Raizel bsoch cholei yisrael.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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