Driver Suspected of Jerusalem Hit-And-Run Accident Last Week Turns Himself In


Netanel Sandrosi, who is suspected of being involved in the hit-and-run accident that took place last week in Ramot that struck an 11-year-old boy, has turned himself in to police.

For the past week, Sandrosi has managed to evade capture by police, while eleven-year-old Chaim Binyamin is fighting for his life in the hospital.

Chaim underwent life-saving surgery last week right after he was brought in to the hospital. Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky instructed the family to change Chaim’s name and add the name Chaim to his pre-existing name Binyamin.

The tzibbur is asked to still daven for Chaim Binyamin Ben Shoshana Raizel.

A police spokesperson said today: “Since the accident, regular police officers, as well as undercover police officers, have been searching for the driver of the car that hit and critically injured an 11-year-old boy, whose identity was publicized. The various work of the police brought about a situation in which the suspect turned himself in to law enforcement officials in Jerusalem. He has been arrested and is currently being interrogated.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)