Rav Chaim Kanievsky Warns of “Sakona” Due to Massive Chillul Shabbos For The Eurovision Song Contest


HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita is quoted saying the Eurovision song contest currently taking place in Tel Aviv poses a “sakona to all of the yishuv in Eretz Yisrael” due to the massive Chilul Shabbos connected to the international event as it will take place this motzei Shabbos.

PM Netanyahu issued 30,000 work permits for Chilul Shabbos to accommodate Eurovision, as reported by YWN-Israel.

Rav Kanievsky is joined by HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein Shlita, calling on the tzibur to gather at Chatzos on Friday (Thursday night to Friday morning) for public tefilla in every shul around Israel.

According to a Kikar Shabbos News report, Rav Kanievsky said the tzibur should be mispallel that there should not be a ‘kitrug on Klall Yisrael’ as a result of Eurovision.

A letter has since been penned be HaGaon HaRav Chaim Feinstein that bears the signatures of Rav Kanievsky and Rav Edelstein, lamenting the planned Chilul Shabbos and citing the danger posed to all of Eretz Yisrael as a result, informing the tzibur to be mispallel to HKBH to protect us despite the events taking place.

“הנה קמו מרשיעי ברית לחלל את שבת קדשינו ותפארתנו בפרהסיא גדולה ביד רמה ה”י, גם כופין על שומרי שבת רבים לעבוד ביום השבת ואין אתנו כח לעמוד כנגדם ולהפר עצתם, והדבר הוא סכנה לכל הישוב כאן בארה”ק, כדאיתא בשבת קי”ט ב’ מקראי דירמי’ י”ז, ומה בידינו לעשות.

“אולם כוחנו בפה אומנות אבותינו, ועלינו לזעוק ולהריע, ולהתחנן לפני הקב”ה להגן עלינו מפני כבוד השבת המחוללת, ושלא יפגע ח”ו זעקת השבת לא בשומרי השבת בפרט, שהם רוב מנין ובנין יושבי ארה”ק, וגם לא תבא רעה ח”ו, על כל הישוב בכלל, ועלינו לגלות דעתנו כי אין ידינו במעל הזה, ואנו מתנגדים לזה בכל דעתנו, ואנו חפצים בשבת, ומתענגים על מתנת השבת”.

“תהלים, פר’ י”ג כ’ קכ”ג ק”ל קמ”ב, סליחות אזכרה אלוקים ואהמיה, קל מלך, תשר”ת ג”פ, ה’ ה’, קבלת עומ”ש, שמע ישראל פ”א, בשכמל”ו ג”פ, ה’ הוא האלוקים ז”פ, מזמור שיר ליום השבת”.

The letter also instructs the tzibur to recite Tehillim, Chapters 13, 123, 130, and 142 as well as slichos, Shema Yisrael and Kabolas Ohl Malchus Shomayim as cited above.

The letter continues that in the merit of the tefilos which will be received in the Heavenly Gates, we will merit the brachos of Shabbos, the source of all our bracha.

“ובזכות תפלותינו אשר יתקבלו בשערי שמים נזכה לברכות השבת כי היא מקור הברכה לחיים וברכה וכל טוב וה’ יערה רוח טהרה ממרום להשיב לב בנים על אבות, ואנו את שלנו נעשה וה’ הטוב ישקיף ממעון קדשו ויברך את עמו ישראל ואת הארץ אשר נתן לנו, וכי אשמרה שבת קל ישמרנו.

“וע”ז באעה”ח בכאב לכבוד התורה ולכבוד השבת. חיים קנייבסקי”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The letter presented doesn’t seem to mention chatzos and doesn’t mention night. The seder tefila includes shofar. Wouldn’t it be Friday day at noon rather than Friday night?

  2. OY VEY YWN FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY IF NOT SOONER. The Hebrew you quoted does not have a date or time BUT IT DOES SAY SLICHOS AND SHOFAR. Obviously whatever the date was IT’S NOT FRIDAY NIGHT. I’m not looking for this to be posted, take down the article and either leave out the date or put in the right one. Please, for the kovod of this great Gadol shlita

  3. But Im a little confused. As a Jew that knows that the gantze medinah is treif, from head to toe, why now by THIS particular chilul Shabos everyone is in uproar.
    The entire Zionist State or the so called Jewish State was fundamentally built on a secular anti Torah anti Mitzvahs anti Jewish platform. Of course its a terrible Chilul Hashem but where was everybody till now?? Can anyone explain?

  4. Will this be on chatzos lailah? Tonight, or on the daytime? Please, YWN post when more details emerge, because I have not heard anything yet. Hashem Yishereinu!

  5. Miriam,
    collectively Our people collectively make big steps and Little Steps steps forward and backward towards our destiny
    this is one big step backwards

  6. Miriam: There are probably a number of answers to your question, one of which might be that since there are “Torah” factions in the Israeli Parliament, this, according to at least some gedolim, if not all, makes them responsible for everything that the Zionists do. Presumably, by protesting this, the frum residents in Eretz Yisrael are spiritually negating this collaboration on this massive chillul Shabbos and, of course, chillul Hashem (on top of the ongoing Chilul Hashem of Zionism and the State as you noted).

  7. Anyone know where the 30,000 number came from? It’s all over the charedi media but elsewhere the number quoted is 2000 (which makes way more sense). Not minimizing the severity- chillel Shabbos is bad enough even if it’s just 1 person, but just trying to get the facts.

  8. As terrible as it is to have a contest that violates shabbos, Eurovision is in Tel Aviv, a predominately non religious city which is bustling with traffic and non kosher food 7 days a week.

  9. I’m not doubting Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita I just want to understand: why should all these tinok shebisbos create a kitrug? They don’t know any better…we who do have a responsibility to do the right thing and help them return to yiddishkeit but why would their aveiros create a sakana, especially now more than any other time of the year.

  10. The Tinok Shenishbos are creating a Kitrug, because the Chilul Shabbos is taking place in the Holy Land, which is worse than it taking place outside the Holy Land.

    The consequences of an Avayrah are magnified in the Holy Land.