Multiple Rallies Planned Against Eurovision Chilul Shabbos


A large Shabbos rally is planned by the Eida Chareidis this coming Shabbos in protest of the massive Chilul Shabbos expected to take place around the Eurovision Song Contest being hosted in Tel Aviv.

The Eidah Chareidis pashkavilim under the banner “The Cry of Shabbos” call for the tzibur to turnout against the “toeiva performance”.

Prominent rabbonim shlita are expected to participate in the rally, including the Toldos Aharon Rebbe Shlita. Thousands are expected to take part.

YWN-Israel reported that HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita warns of the “sakona” surrounding the Chilul Shabbos and is concerned regarding a ‘kitrug’ in Shomayim, calling for the tzibur to gather in shuls at chatzos on Friday (Thursday night to Friday morning) to be mispallel, including Tehillim (Chapters 13, 123, 130, and 142), shofar, recitation of Shema, and Kabolas Ohl Malchus Shomayim.

Rav Kanievsky also called on the Tinokos Shel Beis Rabon to Daven on Thursday at noon.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has authorized 30,000 workers to be Mechalel Shabbos in connection with the Eurovision event, as YWN-Israel reported.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This article implies that Israel is a theocracy. It’s not. You may not like that, but that’s a fact. Be Shome Shabbat and mitzvot all you want. But don’t shri about Israel being a democratic state that is ruled by law and not by rabbis.

  2. It is unfortunate that the Masorti (as a majority swing group) condone this one way or another. Looks like we just have to wait two generations or more when frum Jews will become the majority in E”Y.

  3. B”H, finally someone does something about this Eurovision. While I’m sure that these rallies won’t stop the event completely, at least it discourage many people from attending.

  4. @Moishgil- You totally miss the point. R’ Chaim rallied the entire country to get up and cry out in the honor of Shabbos, to counteract the tremendous kitrug in shomayim caused by chillul shabbos a heretofore unseen level. These are not garbage can burning protests, these are cries of pain when the honor of Shabbos, the mekor of bracha and special gift from Hashem, is trampled on for the sake of an orgy of hedonism.

  5. How comical! I wanna see all chareidi MK burying their heads for busha. They sit day in day out with apikorsim that don’t observe an iota of Yiddishkeit, only “to preserve Yidishkeit”. What a piece of bluff! So now your very best friends, the irreligious people in the Kenesset and all around, that never gave a DAMN for anything spiritually and you all bowed your head to their altar are creating a massive chililul shabos. Why was all fine till now and only now its CHILUL SHABOS?! Well of course it is! But what took u 70 odd years to figure this out?

    Zionism was created to remove the pintele yid from every Jew. So they wernt successful. The Satmar Rav Zatzal and many gedolim shed many tears for that. Bh! They didn’t succeed. But what happened NOW? First massive chilul Shabos in Israel?! Shabos is an official weekday in Israel.
    Were already mourning more than 70 years of the existence of the treifene medinah. You people just make me laugh and cry.

  6. #1
    if you want a pluralistic hedonistic democracy call the country another name
    don’t steal the trademark
    Israel is not a democracy
    an oxymoron is what it is

  7. Moishgil – u r COMPLETELY WRONG
    There are laws in Israel concernin g the “public places” that are government run that are closed on Shabbos
    That is why they needed to get special permission to work on Shabbos
    BTW, Yom Haatmaout was celebrated earlier and not on the actual date because there would be lots of Chilul Shabbos

    see – 2nd paragraph

  8. The Eida Chareidis missed their real opportunity on Nisson 4th, when they should have been telling their followers to vote for the Religious parties [instead of boycotting such a vital election]. This would put the religious parties in an even stronger position, to force thru HaShem’s Demands of Shemiras Shabbos Kodesh.

  9. So the Rebbeim say everything is from Above, but then say Israel non Frum Government is just a mistake? Well, let’s say your wish comes true and there is a Frum Government. The Frum are going to all get along so Brilliantly and run the government so smoothly? Really, who will make decisions that everyone will listen? Will it be Chassidish? Which one- Belz, Pupa, Satmar, which Satmar? Bubov? Chabad? Spinka? Sanz? Vihn? Stolin? Skulener? Toldos Aron? Litvak? Yeshivish? Which Yeshivish? Agudah? Ponovich, which one? Ateres? Sfardi? Which Sephardi? Ashkenazi? Kippah Srugah? Etc, Maybe there’s a Reason the Government is like this, until the Frum learn how to get along!!

  10. No Frum people are going to be at Eurovision, in fact many many famous people announced they won’t attend on Shabbos, and they made a Big Kiddish Hashem, a very good impression in the Media by their noble self- sacrifice for Shabbos. This has more of a positive impact on others becoming Frum than Screaming and blocking cars and buses, which causes people to Dislike Frum people. It’s very good to Daven and say TEHILLIM, and instead of Pointing at others, we have to look at OURSELVES and why HASHEM CHOSE not to let Frum run the Govt, And how we can improve, and be a light onto others to positively influence yiddishkeit to spread, and show how WE get Along with each other.

  11. It is Time for Truth, time to learn the difference between brit Avot and brit Sinai. Denying the jews a state, even a secular one, given our history is not the view of most poskim.

  12. Leasheh – you hit the nail on the head. Our shul in the Shomron is following the CR’s suggestion and bringing in Shabbos 10 minutes earlier and ending 10 minutes later than usual. We are adding 20 minutes of Shabbos kedusa. This, and Reb Chaim’s call to say Tehillim, are the correct Torah responses. Rallies and mass protests are non-Jewish responses, create even more שינאה and a waste of time.

  13. The Eida Hachreidus follows the Torah with no heterim and the Torah forbids to establish a state before Mashiachs arrival.
    So if more chareidim would be voted in, mayb they’re wldnt be this gevaldiga chilul Hashem but it defntly is an eye opener for all the happy Chareidi people supporting Zionism.
    Zionism is the antithesis of Judaism. So here is your answer. You cant have the cake and eat it. Sometimes you like what they do and sometimes u dont. At least the people that abstain from voting know that they have 0 sheichas with Chilul Shabos and the rest of it.
    And if I understand better that Harav R Chaim? NO! But his people are feeding him a bunch of lies too. If he’d know the real truth about the medinah and how they desecrate everything holy he would never support anything about it.