Jerusalem Light Rail Pilot Adds 5 Trains During Evening Hours


CityPass, the operator of the Jerusalem light rail, has announced a special pilot program in which it will operate 5 additional trains every day, during evening hours – from Har Herzl station to Givat HaMivtar station.

This is a new initiative by CityPass, to allow passengers to take trains that have completed their service at the Mt. Herzl station and are supposed to return empty to the operations center.

CityPass explains that on the same trains that perform this service, “Givat HaMivtar” will appear on the front of the train, and that there will be a message announcing that the station is final.

Passengers who wish to travel to the stations in the Shuafat, Beit Haninah and Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhoods can wait at the station for the next train that will reach the end of the line – the Cheil Avir station, or take the train to Givat HaMivtar and use the same ticket for the next train that will reach the station, and take it to the Cheil Avir station, the end of the line.

The time of the trains leaving the Mt. Herzl station are:
18:13, 18:32, 18:51, 20:15, 20:44

Yaron Ravid, CEO of CityPass Jerusalem Light Rail: This is an initiative by CityPass to upgrade the service for light rail passengers, in the framework of which a pilot will be conducted to allow additional travel in the evening, in trains that until now have been empty to the operations center.

We are constantly working to provide a good and efficient service to all passengers and the public in Jerusalem.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)