MUST SEE: Entire Carlebach Moshav Destroyed in Wildfire – Except The Shul! Reports of Missing Resident


As YWN reported on Thursday, the Moshav founded by R’ Shlomo Carlebach Z”L (Mevo Modiim) was virtually destroyed by wildfires on Thursday. But miraculously, one structure was not touched by the flames – the community Shul.

As can be seen in the attached aerial image, around 40 homes were burned. The trees are all charred. Yet one area is green, and fully intact, and that is the Shul and the surrounding trees.

Mevo Modiim, a community of some 250 people is nestled into the Ben Shemen forest east of Tel Aviv.

Shocking images surfaced of cars and homes in the small town totally destroyed.

Meanwhile, a resident of the Moshav has been reported missing, and many have contacted YWN to confirm this is true. A link is going around asking for money to assist the family.

YWN has confirmed that a man names Moshe Ilovitz is in fact missing, and he is a resident of Mevo Modiim. Police say the man was last seen in Meron a few days before Lag B’Omer, and police actually released a statement looking for the man three days before Lag B’Omer. It does not appear that he was on the Moshav at the time of the fire, and remains missing. The fund states that the family is dealing with two crisis. First that he is missing, and second, their home was destroyed in the fire. Those wanting to help the family can do so by clicking here.

His name for Tehillim is Moshe Eliezer ben Pearl Malkah Henny.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I hope whoever wrote this article isn’t implying that the One Above let the lives of 40 families be ruined but left a shul intact.

  2. KShomron wrote
    “I hope whoever wrote this article isn’t implying that the One Above let the lives of 40 families be ruined but left a shul intact.”
    Whats’s the other option, that it was out of Hashem’s hands?
    As the Rabbi Eliezer Abish often says in his speeches, Hashem never says ‘oops’.

  3. KShomrom your comment is pure apikursos. Yes, the one above “ruined” the people’s lives and indeed saved the shul. We call this hasgachas protis and say gam zu letova. What would be wrong is to start giving reasons why this may have happened, but thats not to say that as individuals we shouldn’t use this event as a catalyst to do teshuva and to improve in what you feel needs to be learned from this event..

  4. Shame on you. This headline and article are as insensitive as it gets.
    Fifty families are homeless and possession-less due to this fire. The infrastructure has been destroyed, and no one can go back to their homes, even the ones still standing. A building was spared, even a few others. It is a tragedy, and there’s no solace in your headline or article.

  5. I hope the synagogue is still standing undamaged and even more so the Carlebach library. But neither is visible at this areal picture, not inside the circle and not elsewhere. The shul is left of the left top corner. Besorot tovot.

  6. Apparently this is incorrect. The unscathed building in the picture is a home. The shul, together with 40 homes, multiple cars, etc., were unfortunately destroyed.

  7. I’m on this site for the first time. I don’t know what the comments look like generally. But for this case, I can say: some may want to relax it a bit, chill out, tone it down, calm down. Others read this stuff! Why slander, why be so upset, why so condemning? Don’t we have enemies who already trash us? Isn’t the greatest sin the one of chilul haSheim?

    It is perfectly fine to point out haSheim’s miraculous saving amid great disaster. Six million were mercilessly murdered but listen to this miraculous survivor …

    May we have unity and peace.

  8. When the order was given to evacuate the moshav, the residents were under the impression that they were leaving for a few hours, they had no idea that the fire would engulf the entire neighborhood, and there would be nothing to return to. Fortunately, a young man from the moshav took it upon himself to remove the sifrei torah “just in case”. What an example of foresight and fortitude.

    Speculations about what HKBH had in mind are truly mindless and border on hubris and megalomania for those who indulge in it. The piece above seemed to make light of the family tragedies and portrayed the sparing of the shul as some sort of fairy-tale Lag Ba’omer miracle. It was nothing of the sort.

    I know most of the people who lived there and have seen pictures that haven’t made it to the press. A lesson for us all: concentrate on helping the families and leave theological arguments for something else.

  9. I would like to send money to thallah who got married right after the fire happened. Does anyone know anyway i can contact her? Or send her money directly?