Pressure On Netanyahu Amid Fears Shaked Will Move Elsewhere – Her Electoral Value Is 70,000 Votes


While many in the Likud party opposed securing a position for Ayelet Shaked on the party list, there is still a fear that if she partners with Avigdor Lieberman of the Yisrael Beitenu party, some 70,000 votes will go to his party, representing almost 2 seats in Knesset.

Miki Zohar of Likud worked hard to bring Shaked in, but he was unsuccessful. Of late, there are reports that Shaked will take the number two slot on the URWP list, after telling the media she was not partnering with Lieberman and his party.

Zohar explains that he does not understand the staunch opposition to bringing in Shaked from some of the senior party officials when it is clear what rides on the decision. He told KAN Reshet Bet Radio “Shaked is worth 70,000 votes” and therefore, “We must secure her place on the party list to prevent her from teaming with Lieberman”.

The pressure may have stemmed from an interview on Channel 13’s motzei Shabbos Meet the Press program with Lieberman, who stated, “I don’t force myself on anyone. If Ayelet Shaked phones me, we will speak. At the moment, I don’t need it – I have a wonderful list comprised of fine individuals”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)