Ehud Barak Confident He Will Pull Some Right-Wing Votes


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Ehud Barak told Radio 103FM on Tuesday, that he is confident that he will pull some right-wing voters in the upcoming Knesset election.

“I am not left of Gantz. There is no need for slander within the bloc, for what counts at the end is the size of the bloc”, Barak, who heads the Democratic Israel party, told Radio 103FM. He added, “I am certain that I will bring right-wing votes” and emphasized “Whomever needs to stand at the head of the [united] bloc must be one capable of bringing right-wing votes”.

On Monday, Barak announced he was willing to be the number two man on a list headed by Labor party Chairman MK Amir Peretz, emphasizing he will do whatever is best towards unseating Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Regarding joining a coalition, Barak added, “Netanyahu is resting on the Kahanists and they are illegitimate.” When asked about sitting in a coalition with Netanyahu, he added, “Not under any circumstance. No way, no chance. I will not sit in a coalition headed by Netanyahu”.

He had harsh words of criticism against leaders of the left-wing bloc, citing there is far too much internal criticism and there must be unity if there is to be any real chance of unseating the prime minister.

Barak added that the prime minister lied to the state comptroller and others and may have earned money illegally in the submarine affair.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)