SHOCK IN BNEI BRAK: 5 Deaths In Two Weeks, Two On Same Street, Two From Same Building


In the Kiryat Herzog neighborhood of Bnei Brak, five residents have R”L been Niftar within a two-week period, two who lived on the same street and two others, from the same building.

At 2 Kovlaski Street in Kiryat Herzog, Rav Avraham Edri Z”L and Rav Avraham Liebowitz Z”L lived. The first niftar was Rav Avraham Edri Z”L. Rav Liebowitz came to be menachem avel the Edri family, and suddenly collapsed during the shiva visit. A son of Edri family who was sitting shiva began efforts to resuscitate him, but unfortunately, Rav Liebowitz was niftar.

Rav Moshe Rivani (ריבני), who lived at 25 Yigal Alon Street, was niftar last week. In addition, last week, two women from the same street were niftar: Mrs. Reimond Shukron A”H and Mrs. Rivka Wahab (והב) A”H, from Avramski Street.

Residents explain one does not know ‘Cheshbonos Shomayim’ but the events are shocking and worrisome.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. you conveniently leave out a very important fact,and it’s the age of those deceased,wouldn’t be surprised at all if all those five were in their high 70’s or 80’s or even older,therefore nothing unusual even if its from the same street or neighborhood .
    This is how Hashem set up the laws of nature,when you get old your cells start to die off and your immune system deteriorates and cannot fight anymore diseases and you die.
    It has nothing to do with talking in Shul,or women wearing short or tight skirts or even Lashon Harah