Reports Indicate Feiglin Agrees To Be Bennet’s Number Two


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Zehut party chairman, Moshe Feiglin, has agreed that if the parties merge ahead of elections, he would agree to be number two on a list headed by Naftali Bennet, who heads the New Right party, KAN Reshet Bet News reported. Should this be the case, Feiglin would also insist the third slot go to someone in his party as well.

Both Feiglin and Bennet failed to reach the minimum election threshold in the last Knesset election, and therefore, they were not in Knesset. While Bennet was only about 1,200 votes shy of entering Knesset, Feiglin didn’t have a realistic chance.

That said, in the last election, Bennet’s number two slot was filled by Ayelet Shaked, who appears to be heading back to Bayit Yehudi. She is the one with the real electoral popularity and without her, even with Feiglin on board, Bennet may still fall short of the minimum number of votes required.

It is added that on several occasions, Feiglin told the media that if and when he has an announcement to make, he will make it personally and one should not be swayed by rumors and media reports regarding him of his Zehut party.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Poor Feiglin. Everybody on the right is negotiating with everybody else – just not with Feiglin, who has become mukzeh machmat mius since he decided to join forces with the stoners. So he’s releasing fake news to the press in the hope of garnishing some attention and being invited to the party.