President Trump Reportedly Sent Messengers To Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky


United States President Donald Trump reportedly sent two anonymous Jewish colleagues to meet with HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita. According to a BeChadrei Chareidim report, they told the Gadol Hador they are friends of the US president, sending Mr. Trumps personal regards.

Rav Kanievsky reportedly asked what they wanted, and they said the US president was interested in knowing when Moshiach will arrive.

The weekly Torah sheet “Divrei Siach”, which contains Rav Kanievsky’s Torah, reports on the visit, explaining Rav Kanievsky was not overly interested when the two sent the president’s regards, asking if they want anything else.

When they asked about Moshiach’s arrival, Rav Kanievsky reportedly asked “What have you done to hasten Moshiach’s arrival? Have you moved to Israel?” When they responded negatively, Rav Kanievsky added, “Then move to Israel and Moshiach will soon arrive”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Why are we not shown the actual quotation from the Bchadrei Chareidim or divrei siach? The term “reportedly” is being used far too often.
    This may even be just another BuBa (Bnei Braq) maaseh.

  2. This story doesn’t pass the halachic believability test.

    Why would R Chaim recommend/want a nonJew to move to Israel?

    (and although i’m in favor of Presidents Trump’s policies, I’m not sure if his personal conduct meets the requirements necessary for a ger toshav)

  3. Anonymous stories are always highly reliable. In any case Trump supporters think that he is the messiah so in their minds they have done alot to bring him.

  4. Telesave, work on reading comprehension. Maybe it was frum Jews who know Trump – very possible. And Rav Chaim wouldn’t be impressed with any non-Jewish politician.

  5. Fake News….apparently the REAL story is that these two shiluchim were tasked to share with the Rav the great news that the Trumpkopf had received a message from shamayim that HE was moishiach and he wanted the Rav to be among the first to know. Rav Chaim thought for a moment and responded that if indeed this was true, than these two shiluchim should immediately book a flight to EY so that they could greet the moishiach on his arrival. We are waiting on a confirmation from the WH press office at the time of this posting.

  6. The original hebrew is clearer about the point of the story. Here is the story from Divrei Siach , a weekly email with stories and divray torah from Rav Chaim written by Rabbi Yitzchok Goldshtuf who is a close talmid of Rav Chaim. You can sign up to receive the weekly emails.

    “דרישת שלום מהנשיא”
    השבוע, במהלך קבלת הקהל נכנסו אל רבינו שני יהודים חביבים מארצות הברית, הם הציגו את
    עצמם כמקורבים לממשל האמריקני, השניים הוסיפו כי הם ידידים אישית של נשיא ארצות
    הברית, וכי הנשיא שלח איתם מסר. הוא ביקש למסור לרב שליט”א כי “הוא שמע הרבה על
    השפעתו של הרב בקרב יהודי העולם, וכי הוא מוסר לו דרישת שלום.”
    לפי תגובתו של רבינו היה נראה, כי נשיאות והממשל בארצות הברית הוא לא בדיוק מה שמטריד
    אותו. הוא שאל את האנשים, מה הם רוצים עוד, ואחד מהם אמר, כי “כבוד הנשיא מבקש לדעת
    מתי כבר יבוא משיח.”
    רבינו התחייך, והשיב ליהודי בשאלה – ובמה אתה מתכונן למשיח? האם כבר עברת לגור בארץ
    ישראל? הלה היה נבוך וענה שלא…
    הגיב לו רבינו – תבוא לגור פה, וכבר בקרוב נראה בבוא הגואל. אמן.
    אכן, זה מה שמעסיק אותו. הציפיה לגאולה, הרצון והכמיהה לשובו של הקב”ה לציון ברחמים,
    והלוואי ובקרוב ממש כבר נוכל לברך שהחיינו על ראיית משיח.
    בברכת שבת שלום יצחק גולדשטוף
    [email protected]

  7. Talmud chacham
    In the Bchadrei Chareidim site it actually does say that.
    Telesave the 2 people were Jews they are friends of trump according to the article .
    Whether or not the story really happened or if it happened the way it’s being written that’s a whole different story – but this is the story that’s being written.
    Reb chaim has been telling people (Jews) for a few years already to come live in eretz yisroel.

  8. Seems like a hoax and a scam.

    Not every stupidity needs to be reported here. Such things should not be dignified with publicity.

    Anyway, Rav Chaim shlit”a does not know when Moshiach is coming. Don’t be mevazeh him by turning him into something like lihavdil the last Lubavitcher Rebbe.

  9. @ahavas Yisroel. POTUS did send Friedman just a few month ago. So no fake news here – this came from the official Rav Kanievsky Torah sheet.

  10. Lit: Your comments are outrageous. Say (or rather think) what you like about extreme ‘meshichisten’ whose ways have unfortunately strayed far from those of their Rebbe Zatza’l but how DARE YOU denigrate the heilige Lubavitcher Rebbe nbg”m zy”a in such a lowly manner??? I suggest that you go to a gutter Yid post haste and ask for a derech teshuvah. הוו זהיר בגחלתן is no empty threat of Chazal.

    Editor: On to the subject matter.  ובמה אתה מתכונן למשיח? האם כבר עברת לגור בארץ ישראל ? is very different to the comments attributed to Rav. Chaim Shelit”e in this article. It doesn’t appear as though Rav Chaim Shelite actually said “Then move to Israel and Moshiach will soon arrive”. Be careful when quoting Gedoilim to ensure that you don’t mislead people.

  11. Reread the hebrew version now so would like to retract the 2nd part of my comment. My response to ‘Lit’ still stands. May he/she be zoche to Teshuvah soon!

  12. @Lit
    How dare you be mevaza a tzaddik?! I advise you to apologize in the only way you now can by going to the Tzion of the Lubavitcher Rebbe & asking Mechila.
    In general, one isn’t allowed to use the term “lihavdil” about another Jew.

  13. “how DARE YOU denigrate the heilige Lubavitcher Rebbe nbg”m zy”a in such a lowly manner???

    I think the point was made in relation to the Rebbe’s followers (aka the yellow flag Moishichist brigade) and not in relation to the Rebbe himself or the 99 percent of Chabadniks who are as clueless as the rest of us with regard to when Moishiach will arrive

    P.S. Can one of our Chabad colleagues translate the abbreviations in the original post quoted?

  14. Just another poor attempt by some to commercialize the name of a gadol biyisroel . Some use the names and images for fundraising and publicity. Now it’s stooped to a new low. Entertainment.

  15. Telesave, the Hebrew version mentions they were Jews נכנסו אל רבינו שני יהודים חביבים מארצות הברית,
    What strikes me as suspicious is why would Trump of all things be interested as to when Moshiach will arrive?
    I would believe if he asked if he will win a second term, but Moshiach?

  16. Frummeh Yidden usually say lehavdil between those who have passed away, like the last Lubavitcher Rebbe, and lehavdil someone בחיים חיותו למטה מעשרה טפחים maran sar haTorah Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a.

  17. If you gonna reference the Bechadrei Chareidim article you should mention in the headline that they “claimed” the are messengers from Trump and not just state it like fact. I came here to comment because I saw the article on Bechadrei and new you were being deceptive in the headline. Shame.

  18. Larry Balabus…..Azoy……the Litvish’s favorite pastime is to play the game o “bag the litfaks”. In fact, there are special bags available for sale in Litvish neighborhoods in BP and Monsey for holding the Litfaks after you catchthm.

  19. Gute Voch Brothers and Sisters the world over!

    Nice one but not buying it. ‘Lehavdil bein chaim l’chaim’ would be OK. ‘Lehavdil’ implies something else and you know it… Is it really too difficult for you to add z’l or similar after ‘last Lubavitcher Rebbe’ ???

    Anyway, all I was hoping for is for you to rethink your attitude towards one of the Tzadikei Hador for the good of your own neshama and by extension the world at large. Try not to allow yourself to be influenced by other’s bigotry chas veshalom.

    Zy”a = Zechuso Yogein Aleinu.
    Nbg”m = Nishmosoi Beginzei Meroimim

    May this week of bein hametzorim be one of increased achdus in all of Klal Yisroel.