Meretz Fighting for Bus Service on Shabbos in Ra’anana


meretzCity councilmen affiliated with the Meretz party in Ra’anana are not letting up as they continue the battle for city bus service on Shabbos. Last week they ran private buses to provide service for the general area for residents wishing to get to the Herzliya beach front. Seeking to encourage riders, the bus service to the beach is offered free of charge. They hope that by offering the service for free, they will get more youths to head to the beach on the bus.

Meretz City Councilman Shai Even released a statement that “there will be public bus service on Shabbos. It is only a matter of time. Support for the buses increases with each passing year and this time around we have support among government officials. I invite all city residents to take part and to stand with us shoulder to shoulder for the Shabbos bus service, joining in our struggle and that of Ra’anana, a free city.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. they tried that in tel aviv and they failed miserably!! only a couple dozen people showed up for the free service definitely not worth the investment

    this article does not show the amount of people who came to the free bus thing on shabbos in raanana probably even less. people want a quiet day! a day of rest a shabbat even if every melacha is not kept