Neturei Karta’s Hirsch Praises Attack Against IDF Soldier


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nkhiProminent Neturei Karta official Yisrael Hirsch interviewed on Kol Berama Radio on Wednesday morning 3 Menachem Av 5773, speaking with Mordechai Lavi. He was of course asked to comment on the attack against a chareidi soldier on Tuesday night, in Meah Shearim.

Yisrael Hirsch praises the attack against a chareidi soldier in Meah Shearim on Tuesday night, the eve of 3 Menachem Av 5773. Hirsch explains he was not there when it occurred and heard about it later, calling it a “spontaneous act”.

“At present we are in the day of the Churban Bayis. We all know what this symbolizes”. He explains “there is a spontaneous response from chareidim in Meah Shearim and nationwide” as a result of the ongoing effort to compel bnei yeshivos to serve in the IDF.

Hirsch stated that the soldier was verbally insulted but not physically assaulted and he feels the act was a welcome one. (Hirsch’s statement is confirmed by prominent chareidi affairs correspondent Avishai Ben-Chaim, who on his Facebook page states the soldier was not physically assaulted, basing his information on statements from police investigators).

When asked why the act is praiseworthy, Hirsch explains “There is no such thing as a chareidi soldier. There is a chareidi or a soldier. The moment he enters the IDF he begins the road to becoming non-frum.”

Hirsch compares this to one who enters your home without authorization – demanding immediate action. This is the case when an IDF soldier enters Meah Shearim.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. “At present we are in the day of the Churban Bayis and therefore he should stop being a self hating jew. We are allowed to have different views (abaye vrava, bais shamai bais hillel, but sayiong verbal attacks welcom!!!???

  2. So then Hirsch thinks it’s ok for all normal Yiddin to attack him? I wonder what Hirsch’s reaction to being attacked will be.

  3. I don’t get it. Hirsch said, as quoted, that a “verbal assault” on this “chareidi soldier” was “welcome”. If one walk into Meah Shearim with that uniform of shmad with the intention (unwitting, perhaps) to shmad (i.e. to make it seem okay to join the IDF), are they supposed to throw flowers and praise such a person?

    A not-so-imperfect analogy: if a kid were walking around with a loaded gun and was randomly shooting up in the air, what would the reaction be then? Should they ignore him then or be rightfully alarmed and try to stop this dangerous activity?

    So, physical danger is understood by people but extreme spiritual danger is not?

  4. And if a Yid is mechalel Shabbos, chas v’chalilah, should he be abused verbally or otherwise? Or should he spoken to softly and persuaded to “come back”?
    Totally misguided.

  5. HaKatan you are nuts.

    A soldier walking in Meah Shearim is a shmad threat!?!?! He has “intention?” Apparently Mr. shmad expert, the young man was on is way to learn Torah. We don’t want his kind, oh no! This is spiritual danger.

    When is the last time one of these bums assaulted a priest walking in their neighborhood? Oh, no, then it is suddenly live-and-let-live, not shmad threat.

    HaKatan, your name is perfect as you have revealed your miniscule ability to analyze and judge a situation. where do you or anyone else get the depraved idea that when one walks down a public street one must be subject to assault, whether verbal or physical, or conversely,to flower-throwing? He threatened no one and he was not disrespecting the neighborhood’s tznius demands.

    Just admit it, you can disagree without being disagreeable. Goyim say this and mean it. We can do no less!

  6. Given the hard work that people such as Lapid and Bennett are doing to convince hareidim that Neturei Karta has been right along, they should “lie low” and let the zionists shoot themselves in the foot. Leave it to the pro-zionist frum parties (Shas, Degel ha-Torah and Aguadah) to try to talk the zionists out of their proposed war against the Bnei Torah. If those three fail, Neteuri Karta wins by default.

  7. This is the same guy who sits with the Iranians. He is an enemy of the Jewish people. he is in cherem from numerous rabbinic authorities worldwide. Why is yen giving him a platform to express his evil?

  8. As usual akrumperma is dead wrong
    As long ad these people are living there talking government funding they to have an obligation to gove back. But when one actually agrees with kapos self hating Jews that side with murders. Then u r now suspect in your judgement.

  9. None of the commentators here seem to get the point, not those for the “attack” and not those against it. (Not to mention that those who condemn stone throwing and hitting didn’t even read the entire article before commenting – the police investigation determined that there was no physical violence).

    The reason why some people (and some rabbonim) encourage verbal attacks on frum soldiers in uniform, is because soon our youth will have a nisoyon with the choice of draft or prison. If they see that frum soldiers are respected they might conclude that this is a legitimate option. Now, there might be a few individuals for whom going into the army is the right choice, but it’s not right even for them to come into frum neighborhoods and parade around in uniform, since this might influence young bochurim who really should be in yeshiva.

    Does all this justify embarrassing them in public as well as creating negative publicity against the frum world? I don’t know. Ask the rabbonim. I’m not expressing an opinion for or against the practice. I’m just trying to put things in the proper perspective since from what’s been written here the whole incident has been misunderstood.

  10. #19 Except for the sidewalks they walk on, the water they use for negal vasser, the hospitals where their wive’s give birth, the gas stations where they fill up their cars, the electricity which runs the lights in their homes and shuls……..etc, etc. etc.

  11. #21 and 22: They didn’t ask for them to pave their sidewalks, build hospitals or gas stations or electic lines. They were there before the zionists.

  12. #11
    When someone beats you up and it hurts will you talk to him nicely and try to explain to him that it’s not nice, or you gonna scream and fight him?
    when someone is desecrating the shabbos YES first you scream! if it hurts you! if it doesn’t hurt you then check yourself out