REVENGE ON HITLER: Woman Celebrates 104 Birthday, Hundreds Of Descendants Join Her At Kosel [INCREDIBLE PHOTOS]


The Ovitz family, a Mishpacha well-known among Vishnitzer Chassidim, gathered for a special occasion at the Kosel this week.

The family matriarch, Mrs Shoshana Ovitz – an Auschwitz survivor –  is about to turn 104, and she had a request. She requested that all her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren etc, join her at the Kosel. Hundreds of her descendants gathered at the Kosel to recite Tehillim, and wish her well.

Mrs Ovitz says she was Zoche to Arichas Yomim because of her Kibud Av, treating her parents with utmost respect, until they were killed in the gas chambers by the Nazis YM”S.

Journalist Sivan Rahav tweeted the following:

My grandmother, Shoshana Ovitz, survived Auschwitz. In front of her eyes Dr. Mengele YM”S took her mother. After the war, she met Grandpa Dov, who lost his wife and children in the camps. They got married and went to Haifa. She worked as a seamstress and helped him run the store. Now she has celebrated her 104th birthday and asked for a gift: that all the offspring come together to the Western Wall.”
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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What an unimaginable blessing no one would have believed from the 1930’s, 1940’s Nazi Germany. To be 1. In Israel. 2. By the Kotel 3. With hundreds of descendants

  2. Wow. Amazing. We see from one nefesh what it produced. HKB”H should continue to bentch her with arichas yomim vishanim and may she be alive to greet the Moshiach!

  3. I am happy for Mrs. Ovitz.

    But it pains me to say that the Jewish world population has not yet recovered from the Holocaust. In about 1940, the world Jewish population was about 15,000,000, and today it is about 13,000,000. Germany is Judenrein.

    The time to declare successful revenge for the Holocaust is when the world Jewish population reaches the level it would have reached if there had been no Holocaust. And with Europe and America turning rightward, and North Africa, Arabia and central Asia in the grip of anti-Semitic governments, the world Jewish population may have two holocausts to recover from before we recover from the first one.

  4. Hoju, We were exiled from Israel, Spain, Italy, England, Portugal among may other country’s, we were restricted to live in certain areas yet we survived, The proof is people like Mrs. Orvirtz who after losing all got married and rebuilt, History is replete with people Haman to Titus to Stalin and Hitler yemach shemeom who though they will destroy us, yet we are here. To the last posuk in eichah ” havshevainu hashem elecha chasish yohainu kedem”

  5. @HUJU The reason we have not recovered the numbers from prewar is due to intermarriage and children of reform and secular jews no longer identifying as jews. This is the true Holocaust as we have lost larger numbers to this than to the gas chambers.

  6. Raising Torah observant children is the best response to the Holocaust, not wasting millions on Holocaust museums in order to make goym feel sorry for us that even does not work anymore.

  7. huju, Hitler and the Holocaust were tragedies and greatly affected many survivors and families to today, no doubt about that. However and sadly the greatest threat of the loss of Jewish life is occurring through high percentages of intermarriages. I believe I once saw a shocking poll from a few years ago mentioning that the Jewish population of the USA has actually been slowly decreasing. Israel is by and large seeing the greatest growth and commitment towards the future of our nation.

  8. There are lots of reasons why the world Jewish population today is lower than before the Holocaust. I don’t know the numbers or the mathematics to figure out how much of the loss is from the Holocaust, how much from intermarriage, how much from global warming, and how much from the global warming hoax. The point is: Hitler Y”M had great success; some day in the future, his success will be completely destroyed, but for now, his success continues.

    Mrs. Ovitz did her part. The rest of us must all do ours. A part of that is putting on tefillin, being fruitful and multiplying. Another part is supporting the museums and historical research that will establish the falsehoods of the Holocaust deniers and teach the world – Jews and everybody else – what really happened and how it happened.