SEE THE DRAMATIC FOOTAGE: 6-Week-Old Saved From a Parked Car in Be’er Sheva


A 6-week-old infant was rescued from a parked vehicle on Yohana Jabotinsky Street, in a commercial center in the N’vei Ze’ev area of Be’er Sheva on Tuesday.

Eliya Yitzchak Tuval, who heads the Be’er Sheva district of United Hatzalah, reports that “A passerby broke the window of the vehicle at the behest of her parents. The infant received primary care with the assistance of personnel in the nearby kupat cholim (HMO) office, and she was then transported to Soroka Hospital to be checked”.

United Hatzalah officials once again release a call to all drivers and parents, to remain cognizant of the children and infants in the vehicle, and not leave them alone, not even for a minute.

In the accompanying video, one can see the stress as a citizen tries smashing a window to get air to the infant, realizing doing so is more difficult than most imagine since cars are equipped with tempered glass.

Just a week ago, YWN reported about an 11-month-old was rescued from a vehicle in Bnei Brak.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Video Credit: United Hatzalah)


  1. I really don’t understand why nowadays there is such a prevalence of people leaving their children in a car. The first time I ever heard of such a thing , I thought it was a one time occurrence. Now it seems to happen every week. When will people ever learn that it’s dangerous to leave one’s child in a car. And if someone forgot his child, that to me is unimaginable!

  2. Why do we need to know that Arab parents left their baby in a car, lost their keys and asked Jews to save their kid? Is this important news for us?

  3. hml, She stopped them from breaking the window right where the baby was.
    Rif, shows the difference between you and G-d fearing Jews. A human life matters.

  4. To Rif

    Besides what Manisha said maybe the more stories like these that come out maybe people will pay more attention to their children.

  5. To manishma

    How did you conclude that I’m not a G-d fearing Jew? Maybe I’m not a Jew at all…
    I believe that a Jewish news outlet should report news that is relevant to Jews.