WATCH THIS: Bein Hazmanim Turns To Mayhem At Royal Dead Sea Hotel


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There are various versions of why there was insufficient space in the dining room of the Royal Dead Sea Hotel over Shabbos and earlier this week, during bein hazmanim, depending on whom one speaks to.

According to hotel management, many chareidi families booked rooms for a couple plus two children, when in fact there are six or eight children. While they may be willing to squeeze into the room, not addressing the matter of gezel here, the problem arises when the family of four is actually a family of eight or ten, leading to a severe shortage of seats in the dining room as well as a shortage of food.

As seen in the accompanying videos, there were fights at the door and police were summoned to restore order. Some report that there were hundreds of children present in the hotel who were not officially booked in when reservations were made.

According to another version, that of guests, the hotel was simply overbooked and therefore, there is no room. Yet another explanation is that some guests in the hotel invited friends to join them in the dining room for meals, hence the overcrowding.

Whatever the reason, the situation made the evening news, as seen in the Channel12 News video, and once again, not painting chareidim in a good light, albeit with good reason in this case, as we see persons out of control trying to get into the dining hall. In one case, many guests with small children were waiting over two hours, and shortly after 8:00PM, they were still unable to receive dinner and the dining hall, and the staff were simply unable to accommodate the number of people wishing to eat.

Police were summoned to restore order.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Wow, once again Yeshiva World is spreading this vital news that we all need to know.

    Why publish this story? What good can come out of it? Is it even permitted according to the laws of lashon horah?

  2. I hate to say it but the Israeli charedim seem to resort to physicality at the drop of a hat. The lack of midos is glaringly obvious.

  3. Whether or not this story should be reported is one decision
    But the following line
    ” albeit with good reason in this case”
    Does not belong here.
    You have no business passing judgement, for all the world to see no less!!!!! On אחינו בני ישראל.

    Then you ask why there is חלילה מדת הדין בגלוי?
    ה ישמרנו
    כשנדין את חברינו לכף זכות, מן בשמים ידיו כולנו לכף זכות

    Please edit that line out
    Then delete my comment as once it’s gone, there is no need for my מחאה

  4. “not addressing the matter of gezel here”

    Chazal wrote that financial transgressions are worse than sexual ones. How can a Jew who follows Torah cheat a hotel like that?

  5. The sense of entitlement that has become the mantra of the liberal left has invaded and infected to Torah communities. It is more serious than just this event. It covers the expectation that one cannot sit on his behind, let others go to work, and when it’s time to marry off the children, travel to America to raise the money. This attitude is not supported by Torah value. Frankly, the abuse of the Torah here is the most serious aspect of this. The standard burglar knows he is committing an offense. These vilde chayos believe they are performing some sort of mitzvah. That’s worse than disappointing. It’s downright offensive to the Torah itself, and brings disgrace on the innocent Yidden trying to promote Kiddush Hashem.

  6. > klugeryid

    You are wrong. There is so much fake shouts of “anti-Semitism” out there that it drowns out any real anti-Semitic acts, including the anti-Semitism of news that is anti-Semitic by the selective nature (or other such thing) of its reporting. That is why it is actually important to clearly note when a report is factual and not twisted, because that is the only way to contrast to reports that are really hidden anti-Semitism by the twisted nature of the reporting.

  7. Larry,

    Read Rashi Parshas Noach..

    In any case, based on the clip it seems more like one individual thinking he’s by a rebbes Tish.. the other ones are just keeping him back..

  8. According to another version, that of guests, the hotel was simply overbooked and therefore, there is no room.

    This makes no sense at all. How can a hotel be overbooked? It can be fully booked, but if every room is full then the hotel is full and can’t check in any more.

    Now it may be that the dining room was not designed to hold the hotel’s full capacity of guests all at once. Maybe when the hotel is fully booked guests have to be assigned shifts. But that is still not “overbooked”.

    Or are they claiming the hotel took meal reservations from people who were not guests, and thus had no room for the guests? Maybe. That could happen. But the other explanations seem much more likely.

  9. @klugeryid my thoughts exactly.
    @charliehall please do not misrepresent what Chazal mean. After all one is included in the three cardinal sins for which one has to give up his life while the other isn’t. There are so many commentaries explaining what Chazal mean.

  10. One sees from the comments on this video that the anti-Semitism in the U.S. today is spreading to the Jewish community, in the form of hatred of the chareidim. The video showed ONE chareidi man trying to push in. The comments are so anti-Semitic. “The little that I know” has gone so far as to come out against learning in kollel.
    I’m sure that the pusher over there is not learning at a

  11. Why publish this? I agree. If it isn’t reported, it didn’t happen. However, living in denial-la-la-land revokes the license to criticize those with a different hashkafah. One cannot have it both ways.

  12. Georgeg
    When one needs to resort to twisted and tortuous double speak to explain why it’s important to judge our fellow Jews negatively, better to just keep silent

  13. Why publish this? Charedim are perfect and cannot be criticized. What’s the point of having a Jewish news source that doesn’t only tell me what I want to hear?