Death Threats Follow Uncovering Alleged Corruption In Elad


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The Ometz on Tuesday turned to Acting Chief Cohen in an urgent request, calling upon him to order an investigation into death threats against Chazon, who has uncovered corruption in Elad City Hall.

According to the information received by Ometz, including a recording of a conversation, Chazon received a call from an Elad resident containing a specific threat: “By tomorrow afternoon I will kill you, by tomorrow afternoon you are a dead man”.

A probe into the source of the call reveals it came from the Vishnitz-affiliated Tzemach Tzedek Yeshiva in Elad, from a public phone.

The background appears to be that for over a year, Ometz received information pointing to suspected serious corruption in Elad. One of the sources is Avraham Chazon and his father Moshe Chazon, an Elad resident.

The information received from father and son led to widespread activity by Ometz to uncover evidence which would permit presenting the findings to law enforcement agencies.

According to a Chareidim10 News report, weeks ago, arrests were made in Elad and according to the information received by Ometz, it was just the tip of the iceberg pertaining to alleged criminal activities in the city.

Ometz expresses outrage over rabbonim in the city pointing a finger at the Chazons, who are referred to as ‘mosrim’. This Ometz feels led to the death threats against them.

Complaints have been filed with Rosh Ha’ayin police regarding the threats and incitement regarding the information pointing to corruption in the city. The case however was closed unilaterally without even bothering to summon those involved for statements. Now Ometz has gone directly to Acting Police Chief Cohen.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)