Peleg Yungerman Sentenced To 55 Days In IDF Jail

A Bochur is arrested at a Peleg hafgona in Bnei Brak

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Avreich Meir Blau, who is affiliated with Peleg Yerushalmi, was sentenced to 55 days in a military jail for being a draft dodger. He is scheduled for release on erev Yom Kippur unless military authorities decide to show mercy and release him for Rosh Hashanah.

Blau (23) is a father of one and a resident of Modi’in Illit.

The Yaffo military court on Tuesday sentenced Blau to 55 days imprisonment after he was arrested two months ago at a Peleg protest at Shilat Junction near Modi’in, a protest against the arrest of frum girls by the IDF. When his identification number was run in the computer, it was learned that he was wanted by military police and Israel Police turned him over to military authorities.

Since then, he has been under what is called ‘open incarceration’ and on Tuesday, he was brought before the court and sentenced to 55 days in jail. The military prosecutor requested 150 days imprisonment. The court however did rule that his days in ‘open incarceration’ would not be deducted from his 55 days. Days in regular jail however would be deducted.

As such, it appears his release date will be erev Yom Kippur if the court does not show leniency and permit him to be released before Rosh Hashanah. He declined legal representation from the Peleg because as he states, there has only been one protest on his behalf because his family is affiliated with the “opposition” within Peleg Yerushalmi.

During his ‘open incarceration’ he was permitted to be released for Shabbos, but this is not likely to continue now, as he serves a jail term.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The story should not read “Avreich Meir Blau”, rather “Criminal Meir Blau”

    If he had been in Kollel he wouldn’t have been able to commit this crime

  2. These traitorous gangsters are treated with silk gloves ,this criminal should have gotten a much longer prison sentence,that is the only way this insurrection and gangsterism will stop