Peleg ‘Prisoner’ Tells of His Ongoing Difficult Ordeal


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Meir Blau of Modi’in Illit is jailed in IDF’s Prison 4 after he was arrested for being a “draft dodger”. He is affiliated with Peleg Yerushalmi and as such, hasn’t registered for a draft deferment given to bnei torah to continue their limud. Blau was sentenced to 55 days in jail and according to him, has not been permitted to speak on the phone for four days.

Blau explains that as a result of this punishment, he was unable to wish his wife and family ‘gut Shabbos’ this past erev Shabbos and that a day earlier, he was told of telephone limitations that were implemented without his awareness, and as a result, he must now return the minutes used as if it were. He is also in solitary, which is what happens when a prisoner refuses to put on his IDF prison uniform, insisting he remain in his chareidi clothing.

Dozens of Peleg members on erev Shabbos protested outside IDF Prison 4. Kikar Shabbos News adds that being that Blau is affiliated with the “extreme” sect within Peleg, the “Vaad to Save the Torah World” will not assist him during his incarceration.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. May the rest of the mevatlei Torah that disgrace the Torah with their ugly behavior join him in prison – don’t care a bit if in solitary or they get to “learn” together. My Torah does not teach violence, and doesn’t permit my rage to become a public obstacle and source of damage. I wish his wife a Good Shabbos for all the coming weeks that he is pretending to be a frum Jew while being a mechalel Hashem. May he be zocheh to contemplate teshuvah as is appropriate for the coming onset of Ellul.

  2. He “hasn’t registered for a draft deferment given to bnei torah to continue their limud”
    So why is Israel so cruel, so cold, so excessive in judgment for a “paper” misdemeanor” of their own fabrication which has no meaning?
    What sort of a government is so harsh so cold so stupid so blah blah blah etc?
    Let him go, now now now!