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Meretz Leader Labels HaGaon HaRav Lior “A Racist, Primitive & Chutzpadik”

Meretz party Chairman Nitzan Horowitz is at it again, attacking rabbonim, as he has done numerous times of late.

In his latest diatribe against talmidei chachamim, Horowitz attacked former Chief Rabbi of Kiryat Arba, HaRav Dov Lior, accusing him of “signing violent books”.

Using Facebook to release his message to followers, Horowitz writes “‘Rav’ Dov Lior, you will not decide if any woman has the right or not to have an abortion…This ‘rav’ this morning sent a letter to the prime minister, calling on him to maintain the holiness in the IDF and to fight against soldiers having abortions. What chutzpah!”

He then goes on to report the rav earns NIS 20,000 “from our pockets, to attack female soldiers serving in the IDF, to sign violent and racist books, to personally support Kahanists. Because Netanyahu is selling the nation to these people and their puppets – Shaked and Smotrich towards getting himself out of prison”.

The post continues, attacking other rabbonim as well, showing a photo of Rav Lior too, warning if he is not stopped, he will control what occurs in the IDF too.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

4 Responses

  1. rav lior has rather extremist views which many/most find objectionable. his description of b. Goldstein is worthy of universal condemnation. yigal amir visited him prior to assassinating Rabin.

  2. Nitzan Horowitz is a toevah practitioner and he practices it in the open. He is ill-qualified to call anyone chutzpadik. Anyone who aligns himself with this low life, or who echos this low life’s views is himself a low life. DrYidd, beware!

  3. Isn’t Meretz and its party Chairman Nitzan Horowitz guilty of racism and hatred here? Why do they go unpunished? Because they are liberals and the court is controlled by liberals?

    It is so undemocratic to slur people, especially in such a hateful manner and not fear prosecution.
    I hope the Attorney General will do something about such racist and hateful slander!

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