Blue and White Faction To Litter Charedi Polling Booths With Cameras


The Blue and White Faction has announced ahead of tomorrow’s special Knesset session regarding the installation of cameras in voting booths, that they intend to litter the polling stations that have a high percentage of charedi voters with cameras.

A high ranking official in the party told BeChadrei Charedim that they intend to place cameras in all of the polling booths in Charedi towns and that they will place observers from their party in all of the polling stations where Charedim vote. These observers will also bring cameras with them. When asked if the cameras will also film Charedi women the official replied in the affirmative.

Members of United Torah Judaism said that they would vote for the law to set up cameras in order to prove that those who incite against the Charedi community are wrong.

MK Yisroel Eichler said: “I am all for putting cameras in the polling booths. A lot of people like to blame the Charedi community and claim that we falsify our ballot boxes. In truth, there is a lot of oversight of the ballot boxes in our areas. The falsifications come from the small townships, Kibbutzim, and other small areas with large committees. It is in the areas that no one expects that people add in ballots. However, it is silly to give three days for people to come up to the podium and spew inciting speeches against the Charedim and against Netanyahu and his supporters. The law itself isn’t worth the cost of the incitement that will be seen n the Knesset plenum. The whole reason that the Knesset is closed before elections is to avoid parties abusing the forum for election propaganda. The few falsified ballots that will be caught by the cameras will be far outweighed by the number of extra votes that the left-wing and Arab parties will receive due to the propaganda that will be spoken over the coming days.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)