Israel Prison Authority Prepared for Elections for 22nd Knesset


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Like many other agencies in Israel, the Israel Prison Authority (IPA) announces it stands ready for Election Day, which is Tuesday, September 17, 2019.

Prisoners in the Israeli system who are 18 or older and registered, may participate in the election, with the IPA reporting there are 8000 prisoners and some 1500 employees who will vote in the prison system.

Notices were distributed throughout the prison system regarding the election, as per the Election Law, and there will be 56 polling stations throughout the prison system.

Prisoners exit their cells by respective wards in order of division and will receive means of identification from divisional managers, who will then escort them to the polling location in coordination with security personnel and the members of the polling committee. Members of the ballot committees, with the exception of the polling area secretaries, are members of the various factions.

The prison polling stations will operate from 8AM to 8PM and in the April 2019, there was a 70% voter turnout among prisoners.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)