A LEGEND IS NIFTAR: Famed “Aish Tanur” Maker In Yerushalayim, Eliyahu Cohen Z”L


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Eliyahu Cohen Z”L, the famed maker of “Aish Tanur” in the Bukharian Shuk of Yerushalayim near “Musayof” was Niftar.

Thousands of Yeshiva Bochrim have been buying fresh Lafa from him for decades, as he made them the old fashioned way – by hand.

Many people would go watch how he made the bread consistent with the description with the Gemara – slapping the dough on the wall [on an oven].

Levaya tonight 11:30 at Har Menuchos.

Boruch Dayan HaEmmes…

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  1. Memories from 25+ years ago when we would go in through the Aish Tanur shop and get a fresh hot “Aish Tanur” (like we called them) and took them next-door to the “Falafel Taymani Shop”, Who then made you a falafel on it…

  2. Yes a true legend, always a smile and a real relic of the past. he loved yeshiva bochurim and it was his greatest satisfaction to sell them lafa

  3. We would refer to him as “shekel shmonim”
    1aish tanur=1.80shek
    10aish tanurs=18shek
    Probably wasnt too healthy to work in a confined space with such a powerfull heat source, though.

  4. I used to love watching him make the aish tanur and buying them so fresh and bringing them home as a treat for the family.
    May he found good grounds in the next world, BD”E