Police In Yerushalayim Force Chareidi Woman Into Police Car Following Confrontation Over Zemiros Shabbos


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A chareidi woman was detained as a confrontation following objections to the loud volume of a family’s zemiros Shabbos. The woman was compelled to enter a police car as she was driven to a police station on Shabbos following the incident.

The story began at about 10:00PM Friday night, in the French Hill neighborhood of Yerushalayim, a so-called ‘mixed’ community. The English-speaking chareidi woman, who recently moved to Israel and settled in that community, served her Shabbos meal as she usually does.

At one point, they heard the front doorbell ringing without pause. The couple opened the door only to find their non-religious neighbor telling them in a raised voice that their Shabbos songs at the late hour was bothersome and at it was time to tone it down.

There was a heated verbal exchange, and the non-religious female student left them, but not before police were called. The student claimed that the chareidi woman assaulted her, slamming the door on her foot intentionally.

Police arrived and took a statement from the non-religious student, then informing the chareidi woman she was being detained and would have to accompany them in the police car to the station. The woman reports that on their way to the police station, the policemen began smoking. She explained that she is asthmatic, asking them to refrain from smoking, but according to her, they refused, and they continued enjoying their cigarettes.

A number of askanim walked to the police station, and after a number of hours it became clear there was no reason to have detained the woman, and she was released.

According to the Kikar Shabbos News report, the drama did not end here, but during the Shabbos morning hours, tens of avreichim arrived at the couple’s home to show solidarity with them. They began singing zemiros Shabbos. The student who came to the apartment was ‘provocative’ they explain, due to her immodest dress.

One should understand that by and large, the mixed community exists harmoniously and rarely does such incidents occur between the religious and non-religious neighbors.

Kikar News adds that despite a request, police did not respond to the report.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. How many times do you have to say “non-religious” and “charedi” and “enjoying” cigarettes to get the point across that you don’t care about the facts, only the factions?

  2. These people are not “tinok shenishba” these are reshaim, minim and zeidim. They should be cut off klal Israel and burn in gehinam.

  3. I wonder if the Charedi woman invited her neighbor in to join in the Shabbos seudah. Maybe that would have calmed things down. Granted she was not dressed tzniusdigly, but kiruv richokim is a bog thing and sometimes you have to give in to some things. The next time she would have come dressed properly.

  4. I may be a lone voice out there, but would it have been too difficult for the family to continue singing their Shabbos zemiros but more quietly so as not to disturb a neighbor who wanted to go to sleep earlier.

    Must we provoke our shechainim rather than work with them to create a Kiddush Hashem, especially during Aseres Y’mai HeTeshuva? Just a thought.

  5. As usual, there are equities on both sides. Each could have easily toned down the rhetoric. HaDaia is correct. The frum family could have toned town the singing (assuming it was a bit loud) , especially if it was a late hour. The woman complaining should have made her request with respect (assuming she didn’t). If there was any pushing or shoving, then the police acted correctly in filing charges, although there was no reason to smoke in the police car. Perhaps we should all be blessed with a bit more common sense and patience for the new year.

  6. Hadayia Vhadibur,
    How do you know what volume they were singing at!? These Mamzeirim (or mamzeres in this case) don’t need Mekareving, they are just filthy Reshaim just like the Police,

  7. “These people are not “tinok shenishba” these are reshaim, minim and zeidim. They should be cut off klal Israel and burn in gehinam.”

    How nice to know that God posts on YWN!

  8. HaDaiya vHaDibur, spoken vie ah ehricher yid. remember the old expression in pre-war Lita: a yid darf zein ehrlich, de galach iz frum. unfortunately the world has an abundance of frumme.

  9. My 1st reaction was to wonder if the “Target Kvetch Lady” made aliyah and found a new person to provoke. What kind of “frum”people purposely antagonize their neighbors by doing anything that disturbs someone. The police arrested her for disturbing the peace. It’s sad that it was Shabbos and these frum/krum people caused chillul Shabbos for so many other Jews. What a boosha for Hashem’s children to do to one another before Yom Kippur. All they had to do was apologize and tone it down. As for the protesters who showed up to add their voices to the macholkes…oy vavoy if they represent klal yisroel.

  10. As usual, there is more to this than meets the eye. Jerusalem PD is accustomed to dealing with haredi/secular issues. And shabbos is a big deal for even the least observant Israelis.
    This family is new to the neighborhood and seems to have behaved obnoxiously. Instead of apologizing and offering the neighbor a piece of cake, she flew off the handle and slammed the door on the woman’s foot. The cops have to make an arrest in the case of an assault. If they could have resolved it, they would have. No Israeli cop wants to arrest a woman on shabbat.
    We all know this is the case because we all know women like this in our community, unfortunately. Her family’s sense of entitlement has made the leap from the US to a Eretz Yisrael.