Breslov Chassidim Arrested on a Flight Back Home from Uman


A couple and a man who got into an altercation with a member of the cabin crew on a flight returning from Uman were arrested in Moldavia. Rav Pinchas Zaltzman worked to obtain their release to the religious community in Kishinev.

The incident occurred on erev Shabbos, October 4, 2019, when the couple and another man got into an altercation boarding a flight from Uman to Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion International Airport. The problem began when another man, who was smoking as he was boarding the flight in Moldavia, refused to extinguish the cigarette when instructed to do so. The incident degenerated to physical contact. The man, his wife and brother were arrested by local police.

When the word of the arrest reached the rav of the local community, Rav Pinchas Zaltzman, on Friday morning, he contacted Rav Menachem Axelrod, a Chabad shaliach, and they began efforts towards obtaining the release of the three from police custody.

After relentless efforts, police agreed to their release as the rabbonim signed for them, accepting responsibility. Police released the three to the custody of the frum community, where they spent Shabbos. According to those involved in the case, they remain hopeful the three will be permitted to return home to Israel later this week.

According to Rabbi Zaltzman, the law permits police to hold the three for 30 days before taking them for a court appearance, compelling them to involve askanim towards obtaining their release before Shabbos.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I heard they were Belzers, actually maybe they were Satmar, no wait now Im thinking they were Viznitzers….. How in the world will this writer as well as the entire YWN staff be able to go through Yom Kippur with this type of force by using “Breslov” and “Uman” with this story especially when the scenario happened in Moldavia!! This is a big problem that such news sites have with such low use of language. We all need to take achrayus on how we use such content. From the ones presenting it to the readers. Many of the “Geshmak” loshon harah that comes from the stories in Uman unfortunately carry much worse stories with those individuals during the year back at their homes. They dont live uplifting lives, as Rabbeinu advises us. They need to do a lot of tsuva as well as each one of us. I dont want anyone at all to create fictitious scenarios in their mind as to what is really going on beyond this screen. We can not find truth on this. We need to get to our senses outside of the fake world and look around at Hashems beautiful world and come to Emes. I wish all of you a Gmar Chasima Tovah.

  2. Why is a man going to Uman RH with his wife? All of the major Breslover rabbanim (except one) says that women should not be in Uman for RH.

  3. @Emes… is really right; the implication of the article title is that what happened has something to do with being Breslover’s
    That seems like disparaging a whole community , clearly osur in ch. ch.
    Plz correct the title;

  4. Why should anyone go to Uman. Stay in the Aretz with your family or at least support a Jewish country.

    Such behavior AFTER and BEFORE RH is unacceptable. put them is jail for a few nights. (Of course the husband and wife will need different cells)

  5. Alan, I apologize for saying this, but I think the callousness of your statement and feelings, when we are all standing in judgement, may be inappropriate after and before Rosh Hashanah.

  6. This has NOTHING to do with Uman and everything to with complete lack of mentchlechkit and respect for authority, when I am told to power down my device I do so, when I am told to return to my seat I do so. simple basic mechlichikit.
    PS Allan, I am not going to fault anyone for davening where they feel a hisracksus, be it in Yerusalim, Chevon, Nepal or Uman, where he feel closest to Hashem that’s where he should go

  7. Apparently the REAL reason is that the thousands of other Breslov chassidim in Uman were outraged that this shmendrik brought the wife along to the party and that might start a trend so that next year, more wives would demand to fly off to Uman leaving the kids with the inlaws for rosh hashanah. If c’v that would happen, there would no longer be any reason for an ehrliche Breslov chassid to fly off for yom tov. Maybe they could alternate years so the women would go one year and the women the next year. Would be a lot cheaper than having to build an ezras nashim and separate facilities by the tziyun in Uman

  8. The man who was smoking was very wrong. How dare he smoke when prohibited and make such a chilul Hashem. He should have consequences

  9. bitultorah24-7 Sounds to me like you are a good person. However you need to understand that these individuals broke the rules ( law) and they need to be aware of that otherwise there is no civility. Hashem will judge them true , consider me a shaliach. Put them in jail. Guarantee wont happen again. you can do your part by davening for them.

    BTW YK is not mechaper Chilul Hashem, so jail is the easy part.

    Gemar Chatima Tovah!