PHOTOS: Where Will The Rebbe In Betar Illit Build His Sukka?



The following story is painful, and perhaps a lesson to readers how one should refrain from acting.

Many chassidim are wondering what will occur, as the Rebbe of Razla (ראזלא) Shlita is being prohibited from building his sukka on Knesset Yechezkel Street in Betar Illit by residents of the area.

The sukka is intended to serve the mispallalim of Beis Medrash Ateret Yehuda Razla, but some of the tenants of the street have placed a notice prohibiting the sukka, adding if it is constructed, they will immediately dismantle it.

According to the BeChadrei Chareidim News report, the notice hung in the beis medrash by the gabboim request forgiveness from the mispallalim because this year, they will not be able to bentch arba minim in the sukka, and they will not be able to enjoy a hot drink before davening, as they are unable to build a sukka this year.

The notice adds that those who are preventing the construction of the sukka should take ‘ben adom l’chaveiro’ into consideration.

The report adds that persons who broke away from the beis medrash to start their own minyan are the very same persons who are now prohibiting the construction of the shul sukka in the parking lot, where there is another sign prohibiting the sukka, promising if it is built, they will dismantle it R”L.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: BeChadrei Chareidim)


  1. YWN – could you please take this article down? I can’t imagine what can possibly be the point of publicizing information about a local machlokes. This is not news of interest to the general public. ולא תהיה כקרח וכעדתו.

  2. i dont understand this story. whyn dont they build on private property? who said it is ever allowed to build on a ublic street? the gemara, shulchan aruch and i thought all poskim agree that one is not allowed to build a sukka in a public thoroughfare as it is a problem of sukka gezula (stolen)

  3. ah, nothing like reading rechilus and loshon harah on erev yom kippur.

    So the rebbi won’t have a sukkat to accomodate his mispallelim? Who says you MUST daven in a sukka? For those who are MACHMER so they will find another place for a few days. For those who know halacha, they can daven in a shul.

    For those who make machlosaes, this is a terrible time to do so….

  4. > yungerman123

    The article mentions parking lot, which seems to mean shul parking lot. If that is not private property, then just where will they find any private property large enough to hold the size of a synagogue?

  5. Rooftop sukkah
    You don’t need a sukkah to have a hot drink only mezonos.
    Who knows what sort of ill will this shul imposes on neighbors all year long with garbage, off hour traffic etc they’ve had enough.