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Russia Forbids Israeli Mother’s Scheduled Visit To Daughter In Prison

Yaffa Issachar, the mother of Naama Issachar, who is jailed in Russia for marijuana possession, was denied a scheduled visit with her daughter on Tuesday although she was told by the court on Monday that she would be permitted to visit.

When Issachar arrived at the jail, she was told that she cannot visit her daughter due to the fact that the Israeli Consul visited last week. Apparently the Israeli Consul’s visit was at the expense of Issachar’s visit this week, although Naama is officially allowed two family visits per month, which does not normally include visits by consuls or lawyers.

Issachar’s visit was denied despite the fact that this visit was supposed to be the last meeting between her and her daughter for the time being since the Russian officials said they cannot monitor their Hebrew conversations. The deputy Israeli ambassador and Issachar’s lawyers tried to intervene but were unsuccessful and Issachar was forced to return to Moscow without seeing her daughter. The prison is located 49 miles out of Moscow.

Issachar was not permitted to contact her daughter by phone in place of the visit.

“The issue was immediately raised through diplomatic channels in Jerusalem and Moscow,” the Israeli Foreign Ministry said. “This is in addition to the consular assistance we are providing.”

“I’m helpless and I can’t understand why they make things more and more difficult for Naama each day,” Issachar said. “This is abuse and I am requesting that the president, prime minister, and the head of the National Security Council bring an end of this abuse towards Naama.”

“Naama is innocent and she’s paying a heavy price due to diplomatic and legal decisions made by the state of Israel, that aren’t’ connected to her at all. She cannot be a hostage or a negotiation chip between the two countries.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. “Naama is innocent and she’s paying a heavy price due to diplomatic and legal decisions made by the state of Israel
    1) Since all Israeli Embassies are currently on strike as reported by YWN, nothing Diplomatic is going to transpire.
    2) Don’t fly through Russia, just to obtain a cheaper airline ticket, and never take anything for anyone.

  2. Isn’t this the girl who admits that she had a prohibited drug in her possession when she flew into Moscow? Just asking. If so why is her mother saying she is innocent?

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