Chareidi Legislators Complain to Civil Service Commissioner About Discrimination Against Chareidi Women [VIDEO]


Chareidi Members of Knesset taking part in a Knesset Finance Committee meeting which was attended by Civil Service Commissioner Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz, told him the chareidi tzibur is discriminated against just because they are chareidim. They added that the Prime Minister’s Office does not hire chareidi women because they claim they lack the required experience.

During the meeting of the Knesset committee, MK (Yahadut Hatorah) Uri Maklev called for creating dedicated positions for the chareidi tzibur to open the doors to senior posts where chareidim are not represented in fair numbers. Maklev called for dedicating certain positions for chareidi women, and to bring them in for on the training level as many firms do for they realize the value of their investment, training these women, who will continue in the long run. Maklev explained that despite the fact the chareidi women have proven themselves, the government offices label them as not having the required experience even after they have acquired experience.

Maklev asked to also receive data pertaining to the representation of chareidim, as he explained in the closing year, there were no new tenders for positions in government offices because of elections. “We have been in election campaigns for an entire year and do not know for how long this will last. During this time, there have been no new tenders,” he added.

Maklev thought that there is a possibility to release some tenders in cases of actual need, and they can be handled by the Exceptions Committee, but the court ruled against this.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This is such a joke. Everyone is well aware that Charedi MKs discriminate against women, and do not take care of the terrible situation charedi women are in. Has YW reported on the study of health of Charedi women vs the rest of the population? Have you reported that Charedi men have 2nd longest life expectancy in Israel, while their wives are all the way on number 8? Have you reported they are twice as likely to die from breast cancer than other women in Israel? Have you reported that no Charedi MKs showed up to the meeting to discuss this crisis?? Bizayon HaShechina from this community is causing so many to turn away from Hashem!